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"Why couldn't we just get a moving company to all of this?" I complained to my dad.

"Money." My father said as he carried two more boxes inside the house.

"True." I groaned while picking one the boxes labeled 'Emma's Room'.

I turned towards the house where I would be spending the next few years until my dad got a new job in some other town some where else very far away. I opened the front door and was immediately greeted by my smiling mother.

"Hey, Emily! Follow me." She whispered.

"Where are we going?" I questioned.

"I wanna show you your room." My mother grinned from ear to ear.

"Okay.. You're scaring me."

I followed my mom upstairs and into the second room on the left.

"Are you excited?"

"I guess.." She was seriously making me nervous.

When she opened the door the first thing I noticed was the walls. They were purple just like I've always asked for since I was like 10. A giant bed with a white frame was placed in the center of the room. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a bathroom and the closet.

"Yaaassss! Mom! Thank you so much!" I screamed as I ran around the room and back to her. I gave her a giant hug nearly knocking her to the ground.

"You're welcome,"she said trying to regain her balance,"your dad and I wanted to do something special for you since you've being doing so good in school and helping us so much during the move."


Later that night I was alone in my room. This room is so beautiful and big! This is definitely the best house we've lived in so far. I opened up the box where I could of sworn I put most of my posters. Ahh! There they are. I started hanging them up one by one. After doing that for a while I got bored.

"What should I do now," I thought out loud.

"I should go on an adventure around my neighborhood. Maybe even look at that park I saw when we were driving here." I said responding to my own question. I quickly ran down stairs into the kitchen.

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed hoping someone would hear me. Sounded like they were in the backyard.

"We're out side Emily!" I walked outside to see my parents cuddling it up on a blanket in the grass. Relationship goals I thought to my self. I plopped down in between these two love birds.

"Can I go on a walk around the neighborhood?" My dad quickly nodded yes in response.

"Wait," My mom stopped me before I could get up. "Don't forget your phone and once is starts getting dark you need to be home."

"Yes mom. Thanks guys." I got up and walked back inside. Next I made my way to the front door and left toward the way I remembered the park being.


A/N: Sorry for how short this chapter is. They will get longer as the story progresses. Thanks for reading!

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