Overprotective Brothers

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"Liam, can I go to the mall with some friends?" I timidly asked my big brother. He usually doesn't let me go out with friends. He usually comes with or makes them come to our house. My parents died in a car accident last year and he's been extremely protective of me since then.

Liam and Louis, both my older brothers, have been taking care of me since then. Liam's 20, Louis's 21, and I'm 15. Their over protectiveness is rather intimidating.

"With who," Liam questioned as he looked up from the newspaper he was reading only to give me a skeptical look.

"Uhh.. With Tara, Mitch, and Jake.." I said, a little too quickly.

Liam put his newspaper down on the kitchen table, stood up and walked over to me. He stood just inches from me. His strong towering figure threatening my small weak one.

I was shaking like crazy and I began to take a step backwards when Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

"Who's Mitch?" He snarled.

"It's Tara's boyfriend," I gulped.

"Then, who's jake?" He said gripping my wrists even tighter.

I let out a small whimper and whispered,"He's just a friend."

"You're lying! Damn it Katie! Don't you lie to me," he yelled as his face got a fiery red.

"I-I'm sorry, I kind of like him," I whimpered.

"Ohhh, so you thought that I would let you go on a date with this kid before I've even met him? Ohh hahaha, that's a good idea," he sarcastically growled at me.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll tell them I can't go. It's fine," I whispered trying to fight back the tears piercing at my eyes.

"Good girl," Liam smiled as he released his grip from my wrists. I quickly scurried away from him and ran into my room. The tears immediately streamed down my face.

I threw myself on my bed and dug my face into the pillow and screamed as loud as I could.

After long periods of screaming into my pillow and bawling my eyes out. I had calmed down and decided that I should go take a shower.

By now, it was 5:30 p.m. I had asked Liam if I could go to the mall around 2 p.m.

I couldn't lock people out of the bathroom while I showered. Liam and Louis took all the locks off of basic rooms. They didn't want me to lock them out of a room. They wanted to always know what I was doing and be able to go and see it. They hated being locked out.

They have locks on the inside of their doors. They can lock people out of their rooms. But, in my room, the lock is on the outside. Whenever I get in trouble, I always end up being locked in my room.

I quickly turned on the shower as I quickly undressed. I hopped in and started my showering routine. Which was: shampoo, condition, body wash, shave.

After finishing that, I quickly got out and threw on a towel. I wrapped one around my head and one around my body. I walked out of the bathroom and headed into my room. Where I quickly changed into a hoodie and spandex.

I blow dried my hair and made my way downstairs. Liam and Louis were in the kitchen having, what seemed to be, a heated conversation.

I made my way to the family room and plopped myself down on the couch, in front of the t.v. Liam and Louis then walked in and started staring at me.

I skeptically looked up at them as I turned on the t.v.

"Can I help you," I said looking back at the t.v.

"Next time you want to hangout with your little boy toy, bring him home so he can meet us first," Louis said as he sat beside me.

"Why?! Why do I need your gosh dang permission to do anything?! You're not my parents! I am sick and tired of both of you controlling my entire life," I yelled at them. Immediately I had regretted what I said when I saw the look of rage pouring from both of their eyes.

"What did you say," Liam growled as he took a step towards me.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean it. I'm re-really sorry! Please don't hurt me," I whimpered.

"Look, we put so much effort into taking care of you and making sure you don't get caught up in the wrong crowd! You don't realize how much we do for you! You're such a little bitch," Louis screamed at me.

Immediately tears began to fall from my eyes. "I'm really sorry, I-I'll try harder to listen to you guys. Please don't hurt m-me," I sobbed.

They both groaned and Liam grabbed my arm and pulled me off the couch. His grip around my arm was rather tight as he pulled me upstairs.

He took me into my bedroom and threw me onto the bed. "I've had enough of you today. Just, go to bed," he snapped at me.

I quickly threw myself under the covers. Liam jumped into bed beside me. Sometimes Liam and Louis sleep with me after we have a fight. They don't want me running away. They're very light sleepers.

Louis walked into my room and hopped into the other side of the bed after closing the door.

I turned on my side, facing Louis. Liam quickly wrapped his arm around me and he assumed the spooning position. It's not like it meant anything. We were brothers for goodness sake.

Louis shut off the lamp light and quickly snuggled up to my small body. He intertwined our legs and he wrapped his arm around my body. Our faces were just mere inches apart.

I was wrapped in strong arms and legs. There was absolutely no way I would be getting out tonight.

"Goodnight," I whimper-whispered.

"Night," Liam and Louis said in unison. I closed my eyes and feel asleep to the slow heavy breathing of my two big brothers.

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