Chapter 2 - Power Hall Potential Test (PhPt)

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Little John punched out toward Lux's face.
Lux managed to move his head to the side but the fist still hit his ear.
With his ear ringing, he punches out at Little John's stomach which just ripples.
Little John laughs " is that all you can do, hahaha."
As Little John is laughing, Lux swings his fist at little john's left temple.
As Little John is distracted, Lux's fist connects with a bang.

Little John shakes as he starts to fall unconscious.
As the mountain of fat started to fall, he tipped towards Lux, who was still surprised he managed to knock Little John out.
Seff pushes Lux out of the way and shoulders Little John to the side with all his might.
He breathlessly says "He ... Is heavier... Than he looks."

Aerin says "Lux are you ok, your ear is bright red?"

Lux shrugs and says "It feels like it's burning but i should be alright.
Still can't believe i managed to knock him out, i normally get knocked out."

Just as Seff gets his breath back he says "Must be because it's your birthday Lux, that was one lucky punch, i thought you had your eyes closed, hahahaha!"

Aerin says "we should leave quickly before someone else comes and sees us standing over Little John and thinks we killed him, although not that many people would miss him, the bullying slob."

Lux nods in agreement and says "yes lets get out of here, Quickly."

The three run towards the market place which is in between the slums and the inner city.
The marketplace is a massive maze with hundreds of streets, everything and anything can be sold there.
The guards officially patrol the marketplace but in reality, the marketplace is run and protected by the trade union and the blackmarket (operates at night) which is run by the gangs.
Unlicensed stealing will lead to you being sold as a slave or made to be a gladiator in the black arena where beast fights beast and man fights man.
If you can make 100 times the value of the item you stole the you are offered a chance to buy your freedom.
Gladiators can earn money through tips (spectators throw money into arena) or through betting on themselves.

The Black Arena is an unofficial organization but has been around so long that there would be riots if it was disbanded.
so the King decided to tax the betting, as he couldn't stop it, he decided to make some money.
As the tax was so small the trade union decided that it wasn't worth fighting over and accepted paying it to maintain the status quo.

Lux turns to the others and excitedly says "lets go look at the adventurers."
Seff agrees "ok, maybe we will see them showing off."
Aerin silently nods.

As the three make their way through the busy streets, they get near a tavern where adventurers like to drink when they are in the city as the ale is cheap but tasty and the women are as well.

As they near, a man comes shooting out of the door and slams into the opposite wall of the street.
A brute of a woman walks out dusting off her hands and says "I did tell you to keep your hands to yourself or I would really put my hands on you.
Since you didn't listen, You are now Barred from Aunties Tavern."

The woman then saw Lux and the others and said "Hello kids, what are you doing here again, come on inside, i will give you a tankard of weak ale each and a meat pie to share. I believe it is a certain scamps birthday today."
The woman smiles and waves them in the taverns door.

They hurry inside as Lux says "thanks Auntie."

The three sit at corner table and smile at Auntie who is the tavern owner and bartender.

Auntie walks through from the kitchen, places a warm pie and three tankards filled with weak ale on the table and ruffles Lux's hair.
She lovingly says "you sure have grown up, haven't you three.
I remember when you were about as tall as my knees.
The gods i feel old."

Lux smiles and says "you will never grow old Auntie, never."

Auntie laughs and says "you little charmer.
Tell your mothers that i am asking for them." (wanting to know how they are doing.)

Lux, Seff and Aerin just finished the pie when they heard the 14th bell.

Lux shouted in panic "we have to get home quickly. We're late, we're so late."
He quickly runs out the tavern door with Seff and Aerin close on his heels.

Just as he gets home his mother opens the front door and says "just on time, come on lets go."

Lux, Seff, Aerin and Lux's mother make their way to the center of Golden City.

They make their way to Power Hall.
When they are outside, Lux's mother begins to cry and stops at the group adults that are grouped just outside Power Hall.

Lux's mother cries and says "now you three need to go in on your own, remember to look after each other ok."

Lux says " we will make you proud mum, don't worry i will look after them." while looking at Seff and Aerin.

And then they began walking inside Power Hall.

As they enter the building, they are called at from across the room.

"Hey kids over here, take a card and wait till your number is called." said a old man (he looks 50 yr old but compared to Lux he seems ancient.)

Lux took a card like the other two and waits silently for his number to be called.

A 20 yr old man said "number 5 please" and a girl got up and walked towards him.

Lux looks at his card number and sees (no. 15).
He sighs and slouches in his chair.
He thinks this is going to take forever.
And so he starts to drift off to sleep as he is still tired from the night before with the firecracker.

As he is drifting off to sleep, he hears someone say "number 15 please."
He jerks wake and wonders how his number came up so quickly.
As he looks round he is the only child in the hall.
Lux thinks "i must have fell asleep."
He begins running over to the guide.
The guide who tells him to follow.
They stop outside a room with a stone door.
The guide says "go in. Your potential will be determined inside. Good luck."

Lux quells his nerves and boldly walks inside, the door slams shut behind him.

The guide muses "he didn't even hesitate, i hope he doesn't die.
I hate cleaning the rooms afterwards."

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