Ramsay Bolton Catch-Up (Preferences)

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How You Meet: Ramsay and you met when he and his father took over Winterfell. You were his servant and he took a liking to you very quickly.

What you and him do in your free time: He takes you hunting with him, it might not be the most cozy and comfortable activity but he loved seeing you watch him doing what he does best. He loved the way you looked enamored with what he was doing.

First Kiss/ First Time: You first kiss was sloppy and messy, but the one to follow was fantastic. Being his serving girl and maid, you were cleaning his room late at night when he wasn't in. The time passed and you were done so you moved to walk out the door. Only to have it opened just before by Ramsay.

"Oh, hello Y/N. Lovely seeing you this evening." He smirks and pulls you into his chest, his arms wrapped tight around your waist.

"My lord, may I please go. I prepared your room for bed and set out your tea on the table by the fire." You stutter as he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck. A deep rose colored blush crept onto your ivory cheeks.

"Darling, I just got here. Why would you go now? I haven't even gotten to get a look at you yet." He says in a sinister voice, sending chills up and down your spine.

You gulp loudly and spin around, along to be met with his ice cold gaze. Hands going up and down your back as he leans in closer. Taking his rough lips and placing them on your soft, pure ones. You don't even bother to pull away, knowing there is no use to it. You wrap your arms around his neck and push him on his back to the bed.

"You wanna look at me, m'lord?" You say breathlessly as you start to untie your corset which laced in the front. Revealing your breasts, letting them fall out in front of him.

"You, darling. I didn't know it would be this fun. Why don't you take off your panties and we can get down to business." At that point you had no self control. You dropped your dress at your ankles and his trousers and doublet went down at the same time. Let's just say you never thought you would like that lord touching you, but evidently you liked it rough.

Your Wedding: It was small and secret. After you two had openly admitted to each other that those feelings were love, not only lust. You went behind his fathers back and had a tiny ceremony at the Godswood of Winterfell. It was only you, the Maester and Ramsay and you didn't want it any other way.

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