Your children (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: You have three sons and two daughters. Their names are Robert, Arthur, Cedric, Mary, and Ellyn.

Jamie Lannister: You have one son. His name is Rowan.

Khal Drogo: You have pair of twins, a son and a daughter. You name them Endor and Arabella.

Ramsay Bolton: You have twin daughters and three sons. Their names are Thea, Helena, Roose, Theo, and Lief. (Izzy has deceided to start writing preferences and imagines on Ramsay just to let you guys know)

Jojen Reed: You have three daughters. Who you both love very much Jojen is a wonderful father and spoils them rotten their names are Winter, Amara and Lyanna.

Jonsnow: You have one son. Jon treats him like the only one that matters to him apart from you. You named him after Jon you both call him little Jon and sometimes little snow.

Robb Stark: You have twin children. A boy and a girl. You named them after your lost mother and his lost father. Elanea and Eddard.

Bran Stark: You have three daughters and a son. You named one of the girls after his mother. Catelyn, Summer and Nymeria. You named your son after his fallen brother. Robb.

Tommen Baratheon: You have two children a boy and a girl. You are a little upset that he is dissapointed with his children and always wanted more. You named them Perseus and Elanor but you always call your daughter El.

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