Component 23 - Deserted

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As the trio trudged north through the Forest of Windale, they were unaware they were being watched. Even Gavin, who knew the forest inside and out, knew of the recent changes occurring near the northern edges.

Angon, was truly oblivious, even to the point where one of the faeries flew next to his ear and whispered words of encouragement; for the forge walked with slumped shoulders still, and looked truly devastated.

"Cheer up, big guy!" A pink pixie whispered, and backed away quickly, afraid of being seen.

"You'll find someone else!" A green pixie chirped from beside his left ear.

"Plenty of fish in the sea!" A third pixie, blue of color, sat atop his head, and only then did Angon move to swat away what he thought to be a fly or some sort of gigantic insect.

"I bet Lavina was terrified of bugs." He muttered as he stepped on a rotten log, and crushed it beneath his foot.

"I'm not a bug!" The blue snapped and conked him the forge on the head.

"Huh?" Angon cocked his head, and grabbed at the sound.

The forge came within inches of grabbing up the faerie creature, and she let out a squeal. This time Angon knewhe heard something.

"Who goes there?" Angon asked, hopping forward and spinning to look.

But when he turned, he saw nothing but trees, rocks, and grass.

"Huh?" He murmured.

"Ye say somethin', forge?" Buster asked, stopping and turning around.

"Well, yes." Angon looked at Buster helplessly. "But someone else did first!"

"I didn't." Buster shrugged.

Gavin stopped, and shook his head. "Neither did I. Maybe the spell power used to create you has stopped working on your mind!"

That gave Angon an increased reason to be concerned, for he'd never thought of that. Could he be slowly running out of power? Would this make him hear things that were not there? How could he be sure?

"The forge isn't running out of power!" Came the pink pixie's voice from above.

And then from a log to the side, the green cried. "You should be nice to ole Angon."

And the blue landed on Gavin's head singing, "He looked like he could crush you, he could!"

Gavin dove backwards into a somersault, and leaped to his feet again. All in that instance he had drawn his bow, and had an arrow nocked, ready to let loose and slay any vile creature. But then he saw the blue pixie flying around in circles, shaking her fist at him.

"Pixies?" Gavin breathed.

"I never been seeing one with my own two eyes!" Buster exclaimed, his hands on his hips.

"And I've never been seeing a blue-bearded dwarf!" The green pixie cried, flying and landing on the tip of Buster's nose. She bent over in his face, looking down at his hairy stache.

"Get ye arse outta me eyes!" Buster grumbled.

"Best one you'll see for miles, I'd wage!" Blue said, hopping into the air and crossing her arms before her chest.

Angon interrupted the banter. "What are pixies?"

"What you see before you!" The pink cartwheeled through the air in front of him.

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