Chapter Three: Violet P.O.V

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I left the woods, walking back to my shack. I opened the door and stepped on the wooden floor. It creaked as I walked to my favorite chair and looked at the notepad in my hands. I couldn't believe Slenderman actually answered my questions! And he had emotions, like a real person. He said he was cursed, so did that mean he was a human?

I thought about when he apologized for asking me about my parents. He makes mistakes too, like anyone else. It was nice, knowing he was like me. I was an outsider. People thought I was strange, they always have. I wasn't scared like other children were. I was totally calm when I had been kidnapped as a child. I was never scared. I wasn't ever even scared of Slenderman. I had always been curious about him, and now he would actually talk to me. I flipped through the notepad again. I was so sleepy, I dozed off with the notepad in my hand.


I woke up, yawning. I never have nightmares, and I got up. I walked over to my shower and washed off, getting ready for going back to the woods. I got dressed in a black skirt and a white collared shirt, wearing my favorite red bow. I loved this combination of colors, but it made people think I was working with Slenderman or that I was him in human form. I didn't mind. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my notepad, walking out to the oath leading to the woods.

It was a nice morning, but the woods were dark, as usual. I hummed to myself and walked straight in, stepping over broken branches and dodging trees. I walked straight forward until I found the clearing I first met him in. I stood and waited, guessing he could sense I was here. Sure enough, his tall figure appeared out of the shadows. I looked down, shy, and held up my hand. He made me a little nervous because he was so much taller.

He had to bend down pretty far just to be eye level with me. He gently took my hand and shook it. I don't know why he's confused about why I think his skin isn't cold. It was actually warm and comforting, although a little awkward. I can tell he's never even shook hands with a human, much less talked to one. I looked up into his blank face. He didn't have any facial features, but I bet he would be handsome with them, judging by the shape of his head.

"Why do you keep coming back?" he asked.

I shrugged and sat at the base of a tree behind me.

"Because I need answers, and I like talking to you," I said, sketching on a piece of paper.

First I made the shape of his head, then I made the rest of him. It looked like him, but I didn't want it to have a blank face. I started to draw how I imagined him with a face, and he tried to look over the top of te notpad. I held it to my chest.

"No peeking," I said.

He stood back up. "I sense another two presences. I must be off. Leave if you want, or you may wander as you wish," he said, slipping into the shadows.

I sighed and got up. He must be a very busy man, immortal person. He wasn't a monster, that was certain. I started wandering around, when I thought of something. I wonder if I can call to him with my thoughts. I said his name very clearly in my mind, but nothing happened. I pictured him in my mind and called to him, forcing it to be sent around the forest. He came from behind a tree.

"What's wrong?" he asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Nothing, just testing something," I said, continuing on my walk.

He slipped away again, and I smiled to myself. Now I could talk to him. I kept walking, occasionally asking if he had chased out te presences away yet. He eventually said he had one, and that he was on his way to get the next one. We would make small talk when he wasn't busy, just talking about the woods and our lives. I was in the middle of listening to I'm talking about the little girl who cursed him when I heard a snap behind me. I looked back and saw a scary man with a knife in his hand. I ran, not scared but cautious of the knife.

"I've got you now, you demon," he yelled, chasing after me.

I eventually lost him, but I still ran. I liked the feel of the wind on my face in a place of silence and stillness. I bursted from the edge of the woods and came to a ledge hanging over a cliff. I tried to stop, but I tripped and fell off of the cliff. I scrambled and grasped the edge, clinging for life. I called out to Slenderman with my mind.

"Slendy, help!" I projected.

The earth beneath my fingers began to crumble, and before I knew it I was free-falling. I suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes to see that Slenderman had caught me. His torso was protruding from the shadow made by the overhang. I stared up at him in amazement. I couldn't believe he actually came! He set me back on top and disappeared, coming back and standing on the edge of the woods. I got up and walked over to him. His hands were scarred with red scratches, and there was a scratch on his chin.

"Slenderman, are you okay? What happened? Did the lunatic get you with the knife?" I asked, taking up his hand and examining it.

He pulled back and hid his hands. "I can't go outside of the forest. If I do I become more and more hurt, but if it's close range it isn't as bad," he said.

I stared at the mark on his face. It was healing fast, and in a couple of minutes it was gone. I couldn't believe him. Why would he hurt himself to save me?

"Slenderman, may I call you Slendy?" I asked. He thought and gave a slight nod. "Slendy, does this mean we're friends?" I dared to ask.

He just looked at me and slipped off again, leaving me without an answer. I looked at the space where he had been standing and thought. Was I friends with Slendy?

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