Taehyung (requested)

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Hearing his footsteps approaching close to the guys' bedroom scared you because you didn't know how he was going to react.
He quietly opened the door, his piercing gaze making you slightly feel uncomfortable. He sat next to you on his bed but you pretended to not notice his presence - continuing to read your book.

"Kami" he spoke in a soothing voice slowly taking the book away from your grasp "Jimin didn't mean to annoy you ... He just wanted to cheer you up."

You attempted to release the tension building up inside you by taking in deep breaths "I know but I have to study." You affectionately held on to his hand to let him know you weren't mad at him, as soon as your skin came into contact with his - he looked down at your hand, observing the way you were caressing his hand with your thumb.

A faint smile presented itself on his lips "You study all the time. I know this is an important essay but that doesn't mean you should stop living. You deserve to have fun ... You're a human being after all." You could tell he was being genuine - he probably kept this in for a long time.

"I don't have time to be having fun."

Taehyung eyebrows furrowed in confusion "Well, is it possible for me to have my girlfriend back? I feel like I know your assessments better than I know you. I care about you not your books. I just want to spend some time with you even if it's just us alone."

It felt as if you were being whipped across the cheek by guilt. You had never realised that your study time affected your relationship to this point. You placed your hand against his cheek delicately caressing the smooth surface of his skin,

"Mianhae. I just can't afford to waste any time or get distracted ... I'm extremely behind on schoolwork."

He gave you a side look before fully facing you "Sorry for being such a distraction."

You stopped caressing his cheek as you figured out it would only piss him off even more "Tae, you know, I didn't mean it in that wa-"

He cut you off "Considering I'm a waste of your time, then maybe we shouldn't be together"

You shook your head "No! Why do you always have to escalate things?! It's really not that serious!"

Taehyung voice started raising "You think it's not that serious? Does our relationship even mean anything to you? Why does it feel like I'm the only one putting an effort on us?! This relationship involves two people yet why does it feel like a one sided relationship. You don't know how hard I've had to work for you and me to be an us."

You rolled your eyes at him feeling a bit deceived by what he was saying "Firstly, don't raise your voice at me. Secondly, you're chatting so much crap right now. Just stop!" Evidently, when you were upset you didn't really know how to find the right words to express yourself which caused problems in this situation considering Taehyung doesn't know how to express his feelings properly - but right now you seemed to be struggling more than him.

"Do you ever not think about yourself?! Being an idol is not easy but being an idol in a relationship is even harder."

You laughed in irritation "Wow, poor you. Winning money and not having to study must be so hard."

He started moving away from you slightly "Were you always this fucking ignorant?" You had never been in a fight with Taehyung before. This was the first time and it looked like it might be the last.

"Shut up! Do you know what?! I don't want to be with you. We're over." You shouted louder than you expected. Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook and Jin all came in the room thinking you guys were about to have a physical fight. You stood up readying to get out of the bedroom but then Taehyung said something that was powerful enough to give you the sensation of your heart dropping to your stomach "Don't ever come back here. You're not welcome here any more."

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