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Six months had passed since I had plunged the scalpel into Hadley's chest. As each day came to an end, her face became harder and harder to picture in my mind. I burned her belongings the first change I got in a massive bond fire in the middle of a desolate field. Ridding myself of that witch was the best decision I had ever made.

I had found a new place to live. Even though it was small, it suited my needs. Plus, I lived on the outskirts of town with a dense forest directly behind my house. That would come in handy one day.

I found a decent job in an office. As a customer service representative, I assisted customers over the phone and entered orders into a special system we used. It could be quite boring, but I was allowed to listen to music when I wasn't on the phone and everyone who worked there seemed to mind their own business. Boring, but easy enough and it paid my bills.

Best of all, I had met someone... Her name was Harlow and she was stunning. She could have been a model walking the catwalks in Milan, but somehow, she ended up working at a sandwich shop down the street from my job. I was still getting to know her, but I could tell from the very moment I laid eyes on her, that she was special.

Even though I tried to move forward with my life and completely forget Hadley ever existed, I struggled. I had destroyed any evidence of a connection between that waste of time and myself, but there was still one worrisome matter that I couldn't let rest. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find her obituary anywhere. It wasn't listed in the city paper, the county records, or anywhere else. I even checked over one hundred funeral home websites within fifty miles of her parent's home and found nothing.

On top of the missing obituary, Hadley's Facebook, Twitter and Wattpad accounts, had all been deleted. Finding evidence of her online became nearly impossible.

Trying to get to the bottom of things, yet remain as anonymous as possible, I dressed in a nondescript outfit with a baseball hat and drove into town in a rented vehicle. I set up shop in a little coffee house across from the building Hadley worked in, pulled out a book, and waited. After the third day, not wanting to draw too much attention to myself, I gave up and went back home. I desperately wanted to call, but afraid it would rouse suspicions, I stopped myself.

I had left the town with an unsettled feeling in my stomach. She might be missing, but eventually, one day, if she's still alive, she'll show up again and when she does, I'll slit her throat and watch her bleed out once and for all.



Well there you have it. UNDER is officially complete. What did you think of the Epilogue? Do you think Hadley survived the attack or not? If she did survive, why do you think Caden can't find her?

As promised, there will be another book in the series. I'm still playing around with titles, but I'm really leaning toward, TRANSCEND. What do you think?

I also need a title for the series... Any suggestions?

Also, I plan to take a bit of time off. Maybe a few days or a week or two. Then, I plan to finish SOLUTUS, the third book in The Necoh Saga, which is right here on Wattpad. The first book, GRISHMA, is also up in full on Wattpad.

I am also continuing to work on ORDER OF THE MIST with Jonathan Yanez and plan to update soon.

After SOLUTUS is done, I'll jump back into the UNDER series!

I'll miss your faces until my next update!


Kelly Anne Blount xoxo

Kelly Anne Blount xoxo

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