Chapter 36

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“You…” Matt began after about a half hour of driving in dead silence. I was rather unsure as to why he had even bothered to continue the journey. I made it evident with my body language that I wanted him to take me home and never speak to me again.

“You want me to take you home?” he finally asked me, with a hint of regret and much hesitation. The atmosphere was tense at best, and I really didn’t want to talk to him.

“No” I stated sarcastically. “I want you to keep driving.” As I finished, he completely rolled his eyes at me as I just sat there, unable to do anything and helpless to escape from his presence.

Sarcasm was something now used widely in my vernacular. Ever since I met Matt.

“Seriously, Charlotte?” he asked me in an attempt to soften the atmosphere. “Really?”

“What?” I bluntly snapped at him. “You’re telling me that you’re surprised that I don’t want to spend any more time with you than necessary?” He was really beginning to grate on my last nerves.

 Not only had he upset me with what he said about Laura, but his attitude towards how I should feel was completely off and wrong.

“Well, I don’t see the problem. You seemed pretty insistent before that you didn’t want things to happen between us” he explained to me, unsure of his word choice. I could tell by the way he looked around that he felt nervous.

I didn’t bother providing a retort for the statement. The truth was, I didn’t know what to say in response. I didn’t want him to know just how strongly I felt about him.

I mean sure he had an estimate by what had happened at the weekend, but he had no idea how bad it was.

Looking out of the window, the scenery began to grow more familiar as Matt began to drive us back towards home. The rest stops, gas stations and old diners were growing ever more frequent and recognisable as I realised that Matt had finally picked up on my hints.

“I thought Saturday night meant something” I sighed, looking down at my feet and trying not to show my true emotions towards Matt.

He turned his head slightly, but then quickly retracted his gaze so that I would not think he had been looking at me. But he was an idiot, and of course I had.

We sat in silence, again, as we continued to drive down the freeway. Matt incessantly drummed his fingers against the steering wheel as he continued to drive.

I wasn’t really sure if it was the silence that amplified it and made it more annoying, or that I currently hated him, but it really pissed me off.

“Do you have to do that?” I snapped harshly. Saying nothing, Matt continued to do it with more vigour, making it louder.

“Do you mind?” I said again, this time shouting loudly. All I wanted to do was slap him.

“You really need to lighten up,” he joked, trying to make me feel less angry with him, and trying to make lighter of the situation. He really didn’t understand what was going on.

“Matt, I swear to God how can you expect me to lighten up?” I asked him truthfully – although I doubted that I would get anywhere near the truth from him. “I can’t believe you brought me along on this thing, just to tell me that you had a girlfriend.”

He shook his head and said nothing for the remainder of the journey, but still continued to drum his fingers against the steering wheel.


Matt’s car pulled up alongside the front of my house, and I rushed to open the car door, even before he had even stopped moving. The more I was away from him, the better.

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