Drunk in love

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Cara's POV

"Honestly, I just don't get it. Why does she have to date that guy?" I can't help but to tighten the grip that I'm doing with the bottle of vodka in my hand. Maybe it was my way to channel the frustration that was building up inside me.

"Cara, you're acting weird. She can definitely date anyone, as long as she likes them, okay? Don't you think you're overreacting?" The woman beside me answered, as she gave me a confused look.

Of course I'm overreacting. For christ sake, I love her. I love her and she should be dating me and not him!

I wanted to say those words but decided against it. I don't want think I can afford to complicate things even more. Gigi doesn't have any idea about my hidden feelings for Kendall and I think that if she'll learn about it, she would just laugh her ass off not believing a damn thing.

That's just how it goes, I guess.

Who would even believe that Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is head over heels inlove with Kendall Nicole Jenner?

Who would believe that, Finally! Cara the girl who never knows how to commit is now ready to love her bestfriend with all her heart?

Who would even believe that, i'm really dead serious about Kendall?


CaKe shippers I guess. The back of my mind answered.

I smiled with that thought. At least there are still some people who thinks that Kendall and I would really make a good couple.

"Wow! You really are weird." Gigi spoke, waking me up from my day dreaming.

"I'm not. Shut up." I gave her a death glare as I took another shot from my Vodka.

I felt the alcohol burning inside my throat. I was starting to get dizzy, i guess drinking can make me forget about the things i've been keeping inside, atleast for tonight.

I poured another shot to my glass and ready to take it when "Stop Cara! Jesus! Don't get yourself drunk."

She grabbed the bottle and look at me straight in the face indicating that she would really rip my head off, if I won't stop taking shots. So I just rolled my eyes on her, put my hands up and sit straight because there is no way i'll win an arguement over Gigi Hadid.

She then got her phone from her pocket and called a guy named "Joe".

Probably her driver. I thought.

"Okay, thanks Joe. See you." She sweetly said to the guy she's talking to. If that's even a guy.

What if its a dog, but a male dog? Is that considered a guy? Guydog?

What the hell am I even thinking?! I really am drunk!

I didn't realize that i'm laughing out loud while thinking of those stupid things that's coming to my mind, untill Gigi punch me right in the arm.

"Awch! Bloody hell?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" I shouted at her as I rub the part that she just punched.

"You fucking scared me to death asshole! At one moment you're in deep thoughts and after a second, you're fucking laughing like a maniac! What the hell is wrong with you?!" She shouted back at me and ready to punch me again.

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