Chapter 6- Recovery

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     I awoke with a gasp in my bed in Shigure's house. I see Kyo, Yuki and Hatsuharu talking worridly in a corner. "No, you damn rat! Don't wake her up! Hatori said she will on her own." Haru looked over Yuki's shoulder at me. "I think she just did." Haru said. Yuki looked at me surprised. Then we walked straight to my bed and starting unbuttoning my uniform blouse. "Yuki, what the f-?!" Yuki covered his mouth. "Oh, Akemi." I understood. The bruises on my ribcage. Dammit Akito! "What happened?" I asked, panicking. "Take it easy." Haru answered. "You passed out when we were playing on the tennis court. I don't know why, but I believe we found the answer." They were helping me take off my blazer, until Shigure walked in. "Experimenting now, are we? Seriously, you teens are far too young!" Kyo puched him. "You sick bastard." Shigure was on the floor and his foot twitched. "Akemi is seriously injured." Shigure popped up, a bandage on his head. How did that-? "Injured you say? That's why Hatori's on his way....." Yuki nodded. "Yes, That would be the reason. And he told me to call him when she woke up, so I will." He left the room, and I fixed my blouse. Yuki came back. "Okay, he'll be over in an hour." Kyo looked confused. "Why not right away?" "Akito is running one of his infamous fevers." Yuki answered. I bet he made that up so Hatori can come later. Son of a female duck! "Hey Haru? Kyo? Can you leave for a few minutes? I want to talk to Akemi. Alone." Kyo, oddly enough, was okay with that. Guess they're not trying to worry me. But I don't exactly wanna be alone with Yuki. Haru and Kyo left and I heard Tohru open the front door. "Is she okay?" "Yeah," Kyo answered. "She's okay."

   "So,"Yuki asked. "Why didn't you tell me." When someone asks me an uncomfortable question, my method was to stare at a random object in the room, and stare until they change the question. This time it was my clenched fists in my lap. "Ake...... Akemi. If you don't tell people, It'll only get worse! It's not safe, and it's not healthy." I closed my eyes, and drew my eyesbrows together in frustration. I still kept my eyes closed. "Ake, you need to stop this." I gave him my classic 'You're dead to me' look. It used to make Haru and Kyo almost pee their pants. It probaly still would. But Yuki seemed completely un effected. He moved away from where he was standing and sat down on the bed and held my hand. "Ake! Please! JUST TELL ME!!!" I got flushed and yelled, explosively, "WHY DO YOU CARE ANYWAY?! DOES IT CONCERN YOU?!!" "WE CARE ABOUT YOU?! WE DON'T WANT YOU TO GET HURT!!!" He held his breath with a flushed face. I couldn't help but notice how cute he was.

    But he wasn't done with his epic speech. "You push people who seriously care about you away as if they dont matter or as if they're toxic." He hugs me. "Did you transform? NO! Are your eyeballs about to blow up? NO! Is your skin melting off?! NO NO NO!!!" I was a bright red. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I'm not sure why. "Why do you care?!" I asked, probaly meaner than intended.  He looked at me sternly. "Close your eyes." I raised an eyebrow. "Why?" "Close your purple eyes." I shrugged and closed them. I felt my bed shift. "What are you-" I was cut off my Yuki's lips against mine. I had no idea how to react, so I lightly kissed back. "You almost done ya damn rat?" I heard Kyo about to open the door and we both shot apart. "What the hell?" I whispered. "What?" "Why'd you kiss me." "I don't know." Then Kyo came in and we both got blushed on our face. "Hatori's coming up in 10 minutes." I nodded shakily and managed a stuttered. "O-o-o-okay-y."

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