Bio & Chapter 1

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Name: Minoru Shiba
Age: 15
Height: 153 cm (5'0")
Weight: 103 lbs
Birthday: December 24
Personality: a mix of Miyuki and Tatsuya
Likes: any food, sitting in people's laps, being around people with lots of presence, cooking, making tea
Dislikes: being woken from a nap, meeting new people, crowds, being sick

Note: While Tatsuya does feel natural affection for his younger brother, it's not as strong as his emotion for his sister.


Chapter 1

Its this time of the day where I truly live. While Brother and Sis are at school, I have the house to myself. But I still limit myself. I don't go near the windows, or my siblings' rooms. I keep my world confined to the hallways, my room, the kitchen, and one of the large rooms Brother uses to test his inventions.

You might call it a sad life, but I'm perfectly happy with the way I live.

I run down the hallways, navigating them with ease, only to slid to a halt at the sound of the door and voices that don't just belong to my siblings. Which only made me wish I wasn't wearing socks. I slipped on the polished floor, successfully falling on my face, with a thick thump. At least they can't see me... That would've been really embarrassing.

"Say, Tatsuya, do you have a pet?"

"A pet? No. Why do you ask?"

"I thought I heard a noise like something heavy falling..."

"Ah... I think I know what you're talking about. If you'll excuse me for a moment."

Oh crap. Brother will probably get mad at me now. Not that I've ever seen him get mad, but I'm sure it's frightening. I try to pick myself up off the ground, only to wince once I'm in a sitting position. My right shoulder and knee hurt now, along with my forehead. I hear Brother's footsteps stop beside me, and I hang my head shamefully. I should've been watching the clock more carefully..

He kneels down in front of me, lifting my chin. His eyes, matching my own, are on my forehead. My left arm holds my shoulder awkwardly. He gently presses a spot by my temple, and I wince slightly. His fingers come away with a red tint to them. I hear him sigh, and then I'm being lifted so that I'm standing. He still doesn't say a word, only looking over me carefully. It's a little.. scary. I keep my voice at a barely audible level.

"I'm sorry... I wasn't paying attention to the time and-"

He quiets me with a small smile, ruffling my hair. I can still hear the voices of the people he brought home, most likely being entertained by Sis.

"Don't apologize. We came home early, so you have every right to be startled. Come on, Minoru. I have full trust in these people. And you need to fix that cut on your head."

I relax, knowing he's not angry with me. But at the same time, I'm still embarrassed. He takes my hand, almost frail looking in his own, and leads me towards the living room. A room I've never allowed myself to enter. As we get closer, Brother calls out for Sis to get the first aid kit. I hear her footsteps against the floor as she comes towards us. She glances up at Brother with a curious look, and at his nod, smiles brightly. She hurries past us to grab the kit, while Brother continues leading me towards the voices. By the time we step into the room, I'm not holding his hand anymore. Instead, I'm clinging to the back on his uniform, hiding behind him.

"Tatsuya, doesn't Mizu- oh? I sense something.."

"Sense...? Erika, it's just Tatsuya."

"Silly Mizuki, Tatsuya isn't hurt, so why would he ask for a first aid kit?"

I can feel Brother smiling a bit. Is he... amused? But wouldn't that be an emotion? Well, if they're Sis's friends too, that would explain it.. Besides Brother, I can sense three notable presences. A very heavy one by the window, one a bit less than Brother's somewhere in front of us, and a weaker one somewhere farther in the room. Wait a minute. If someone's standing by the window... Oh. I turn my head to look over towards it, only to meet the gaze of a man who, in my opinion, resembled a very large bear. He seemed to regard me with curiosity, and also a certain wariness. His voice is certainly masculine, yet almost seems gentle, in an odd fashion.

"Shiba, is this your younger brother?"

Brother looks at me over his shoulder, smiling.
I can sense confusion and curiosity filling the room.

"You'll have to forgive him, he's not used to being around other people."

Miyuki giggles at me as she walks in. She's changed into normal clothes, and holds the kit in her slender hands. She sets it down on a table, then pries me from Brother's back and pushes me into the sight of everyone in the room. Brother's presence is the only thing that keeps me from fleeing to my room. Aside from the bear-man, there are six others. On one couch sit a black haired girl with red eyes, and a short haired brunette with a confident smile. Behind them stand a black haired boy with a mole under one eye, and a busty girl with glasses. Sitting on one arm of the other couch is a grinning red haired girl, and on the other end of the couch is a brown-haired boy with an awed expression.

That's good. Only three unknown men. Pfft, I'm a bio-weapon. I can handle three guys. Right?

The brown haired guy starts laughing after a minute.

"Man, he looks like a shorter Tatsuya! They're both hard to read!"

It's true I have almost the same features as Brother, like my hair, eyes, and overall expression. But my skin is paler, my overall build leaning more toward my mother or Sis. And I was short. I like being short and small. More places available to hide. But I simply can't agree to being a copy of my beloved brother. He's at a level far beyond me. I glance over to Brother who only remains impassive, until understanding my glance.

"That's Leo. The girl next to him is Erika. Mizuki is the one in glasses, and Yoshida is next to her."

The black haired girl smiled warmly at me.

"I'm Saegusa Mayumi. Nice to meet you..."

She tilted her head as she neared the end of her greeting, realizing she didn't know my name. Brother, understanding as I did, finished for her.


She clasps her hands together in an expression of happiness. "Nice you meet you, Minoru!" The brunette beside her smiled at me. "Watanabe Mari. Nice to know Tatsuya has at least one normal sibling."

Brother seemed a bit perturbed. "Normal..?"
I stuck my tongue out at him when he glanced at me, Sis giggling as she began tending to the cut on my head. Brother sighed as most everyone in the room laughed. My gaze flickered back to the bear-man, expression returning to normal.

"Juumonji Katsuto."

So he does have a name after all. But... I don't really want to be here, so... I glance over at Brother again as Sis finishes her care with a bandaid. He smiles and gives me a nod.

I didn't give anyone a chance to even say goodbye, darting out of the room and down the hallways to my room.

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