Chapter Fifty Seven

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As if the excitement and adrenaline wasn't enough for the Weasley family to have two of their sons get involved in such dangerous jobs such as curse breaking and dragon handling, the youngest Weasleys were getting into all sorts of trouble in the past year.

It started off with the twins and Ron taking the family's Ford Anglia to retrieve Harry Potter from his home near the beginning of the school year. Escalated to Ron and Harry taking the flying car to Hogwarts when they missed the train, and then shit really hit the fan when Ginny, the youngest had found herself possessed and nearly killed in the school's Chamber of Secrets.

While thrilling, it wasn't the best series of events to take place for the family as they were all rather unfortunate. But Lady Luck seemed to turn things around for the family as Arthur struck big winning the drawing of the Daily Prophet. With the winnings, Arthur was taking his family on a trip to Egypt to visit their oldest son, Bill.

Charlie seemed all sorts of excited to be reunited with his entire family for a nice vacation. But he was nervous about leaving Anora alone in the sanctuary.

"For the last time, Charles, I'm not going to be alone. I'm surrounded by dragons, workers and Magnus' crazy arse. Trust me, I'll be more than busy while you're gone."

"I know but I still wish you were coming."

She smiled at him as he leaned in the doorway with a pout.

"You and your family need to spend some quality time together. They don't get to see you as much anymore."

"I'm sure they would like to see you too-"

"Charlie, I'm staying here while you go to Egypt. Are we clear on that?"

"Fine. fine. Tell me you'll at least miss me."

She laughed. "Of course I'll miss you. But you have to leave in order for me to miss you."

"Ugh." he rested his head against the frame of the door. "It involves apparating."

"You're going to have to get over that eventually, you know. Do you plan on walking and taking trains everywhere for the rest of your life?"

"It sounds good to me."

"Not to me. I'm not going to spend all that time and stressing myself out when I can be there in a blink of an eye."

"You're missing out on the potential adventures." Charlie pointed out.

Anora faced him with a look that made him smirk in response. "Alright, alright...when I get back I will work more and more on my apparating abilities, okay?"

"You mean that?"

"Yes, I'm not saying I'll get any better at it, but I'll try."

She dropped the shirt in her hand and walked over to him wrapping her arms around him.

"I will miss you."

"I'll miss you two. But I'll be back before you know it."

"Focus!" Anora waved her arms in front of Roscoe who looked away with a huff. "Roscoe, if this is your teenage years sneaking up on us, I am not putting up with it."

Roscoe's tail curled beneath her feet knocking her to the ground.

"Ow." Anora groaned from the ground. "You bastard."

She remained still staring up at the cloudy sky when she heard thundering steps nearing them. She and Roscoe turned their heads to see Norberta approaching them.

Quickly jumping up to her feet, Anora backed away as the female dragon continued to walk towards them.

Roscoe went into defense mode, but Norberta quickly stopped in her tracks eyeing the two.

"Let's not fight today, guys." Anora said. "How's about we dig into the old bucket of rats, I know you both like those. Mmmmm all bloody and what not. I can smell from here." she made a slight gagging noise at the putrid smell.

Roscoe inhaled deeply in attempts to give the illusion that he was bigger as he stood before Norberta.

"And here we go."

But instead of Norberta responding with her usual aggression. The dragon lowered her head submissively to Roscoe.

Anora stood there with a blank expression.

"I must have entered a coma when Roscoe dropped me on my arse earlier, there is no way this is happening."

When Norberta didn't move from her submissive position, Roscoe relaxed and stepped away from her, realizing she didn't pose a threat. However, Anora still wasn't fully convinced nor did she trust the dragon.

She turned back to Roscoe as Norberta laid down on the ground.

"Don't think I forgot about earlier, Roscoe. My back really hurts!"

Norberta had found herself alone with Charlie's departure and knowing that she wasn't particularly welcomed among the other dragons in the sanctuary, she sought out Anora and Roscoe for company. It didn't take long for her to spot the white haired woman, who fell to the ground from the male dropping her like she was made of paper.

Unlike Charlie who was calm and gentle in his demeanor, Anora seemed to be a dragon in a human body. The fiery look in her eyes always irritated Norberta to no end. Humans were no match for a dragon, but Anora always seemed to challenge that idea whenever she approached a dragon.

Norberta liked Charlie who wasn't so blunt in his approach, but since he wasn't there, she had to deal with his counterpart. She was far better off being with Anora than the crazy colorful man that seemed set on following her around all day.

Ignoring the woman's voice as she ranted to Roscoe, Norberta settled down near them and took a nap.

"Iggy, Iggy, Iggy....' Anora stood on the front steps. "What's all this?"

She scratched the top of her head as she saw the scattered dead rodent pieces and feathers around the stairs of the home.

"Were you that hungry?!"

Iggy purred and rubbed his body against her leg. She sighed and lifted him up, holding him to look directly at her.

"You're a piece of work, you know that?"


She walked into the home to find it empty and silent.

Iggy meowed again.

"Yeah..I miss him too."

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