I pushed my face deeper into the soft silk of the dress, breathing in its perfume. I sighed happily, letting the material sway around my legs as I twirled. I didn’t need anyone to tell me I looked good, I knew I did.

One of my many best friends, Sky Bugden, had pulled my shiny blonde hair into a loose bun, letting my fringe frame my tanned face. I glanced down. The blue material of the silk dress clung to my curvy body in all the right places. It hung off one of my shoulders delicately and flared slightly at my hips, ending mid-thigh.

“Emma Gibson, you sexy beast, you!” Sky crowed from the doorway.

I turned, winking at my friend. “I know, I know. I’m just that sexy.” I stuck my tongue out at her, laughing.

Sky rolled her eyes. “I think turning eighteen has gotten to your head, bub.” She swayed into the room. Her black hair was loose, falling to her waist in long waves. Her face was devoid of makeup, showing off her sun-kissed face and the freckles that dotted her nose. Sky was skinnier than me, and had really toned body, which was more up and down than curvy. “Because we all know I look the best.”

She struck a pose, pouting her lips in an attempt to look sexy.

A high pitched giggle interrupted our laughing and we turned to the door way, smiles plastered on our faces as we spotted the other girls that made up our group: ‘The Foxy Five.’

Aria Somerville waltzed in, a smirk adorning her lips as she tousled out her shoulder length straight red-ish brown hair. “Hello ladies.” She said in her light voice. Aria was the type of girl that was shy the first time you met her, but by the fifth, was completely out-there and wild. Not to mention very seedy. She was always laughing at things you said, making them dirty.

Behind her, Rose Lynn walked in, her arm looped with Kelly Moulay’s. Rose had unruly curly brown hair, a tall slim pale body. She wasn’t very athletic and like Aria and I, she spent most of her time reading and drawing.

Kelly, on the other hand, was sporty like Sky. She played Hockey on weekends. Her hair was in a short, boy-cut and black showing off her tanned, cubby face.

“Well,” Aria said, taking us all in as she snapped a photo on her iPhone. “I think I’m turning Lesbian for all of you.”

We laughed, making fake disgusted faces at her. Aria always said things like this when we dressed up. Especially when Sky and I got into dresses, which was a rare thing in itself. We were the tom-boys of the group; very rarely wearing anything beside’s shorts and T-shirts.

“Way to break it too me, babe.” A deep voice grumbled from the doorway.

We all turned to see Logan Thornton, Aria’s long time boyfriend smirking as he leaned against the doorway to my room, a shocked look on his face.

Aria deposited her phone into the edge of her dress, hiding it beneath the ruffles of the material. “Sorry, Logan, but I’ve changed my ways.” She grabbed out at me, but I jumped out of the way, causing her to grab Rose around the waist and pull her into her body. “Rose and I have been lovers for a long time now, and nothing can destroy our love!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, causing Rose to blush.

“Shut up, and go make out with him already,” Rose mumbled, embarrassed, pulling out of Aria’s arms.

Aria acted hurt for a moment, before flipping her hair. “Don’t have to tell me twice.” She giggled, latching herself onto Logan.

We all groaned in disgust and turned away to fix our hair one last time.

It was one of my Mum’s parties. She always invited everyone... and I mean everyone. People from this town, the next town over, Sydney, America...

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