Morticia is pregnant

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My heart was beating loudly....I'm breathing differently... Constantly closing my eyes... My vision is blurry and all I can see is Gomez along with a few doctors running down the hospital hall with there hands on the bed... I look down at my very swollen stomach there was blood on my dress... I put my hand on my head pulled it away looked and there was blood there too.. Unconscious I didn't know what was going on... Did I almost die?...maybe I did maybe I didn't..... All I now is That was the day I was close to death.

9 months earlier
I woke up in the morning with a really weird feeling I felt sick and like I was going to throw up, I ran to the bathroom threw up and just sat on the bathroom floor shocked at what had happened I was honestly just so out of it that day, I went back to my bed to see Gomez still asleep he looked so cute sleeping, I thought nothing of the sick feeling and crawled back into bed it was only 6:30 am so I still had time to sleep. My peaceful sleep didn't last long I felt sick again and repeated the same thing for the second time, I looked over at the clock it read 7:30

"oh ok that's not too bad I can get up now I guess"

I said to myself, I had realized that Gomez wasn't by my side any longer I got up and got dressed, still in my bra and underwear I looked in the big mirror that was In my closest, I noticed a little bump on my stomach

"am I getting fat?"

I wondered

"I hope not I haven't been eating a lot just what I normally do only a few things each day"

I said to myself

"huh I wonder what that is"

I said as I rubbed the little bump on my stomach after that I finally got dressed, and headed downstairs.

"Good morning family"

I said with a smile everyone was at the breakfast table already

"it's about time you got up Morticia it's already 8:10"

grandmama said as she put a plate down in front of me as I sat down, I got the smell of the food and almost threw up again

I whispered to myself but I was hungry honestly but I had to eat it anyway. After breakfast I went into the living room where I see Gomez sitting on the couch reading the news paper

"good morning bubelah"

I said as I sat down next to him

"Tish u know that word drives me crazy!"

He said as he kissed my arm and made his way up to my lips he stopped and stared at my eyes for a moment and then he kissed me it lasted for more than a minute it lasted about 3 or 4 I don't really know but it was the best kiss ever, when we pulled away from each other he spoke to me

"good morning Cara Mia"

I giggled

"so wha-"

before I could finish my sentence the sick felling came back I ran into a bathroom and threw up again

"what is going on with me today, this is at least the 5th time this has happened"

I said to myself quietly, just then I heard a knock on the door it was Gomez

"Morticia are you ok my darling?"

He asked and sounded worried

"yes Gomez darling I'm fine, I just feel a little sick that's all, don't worry I will be fine"

I told him

"do you need to go to a doctor Tish?"

he asked

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