Chapter Five

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I grabbed the highest branch I could reach and began my pull ups. The branch dug into my hands but I welcomed the pain. Used it as motivation even. Around one hundred two my muscles began to quake and seize. I pushed through the burn.
Thoughts of what I said to Sam this morning raced through my mind.

I meant what I said last night Sam.

A-about what.

One hundred six. One hundred seven. One hundred eight.

About making you come.

And I intend to make that happen.

One hundred thirteen. One hundred fourteen. One hundred fifteen. One hundred...sixteen. I released the branch and dropped onto the ground to do sit ups.

Time past quickly, by the time I checked my watch it was nearly six. I jogged back to the house sweating like a stuck pig. I headed straight for the kitchen and drank two glasses of ice cold water.

"Your sweating," Sam said from the doorway, her cheeks flushed.
"Well, it is summer Sam," I said raising my eyebrow. Hurt flashed across her face making me feel like a giant asshole. "I was exercising," I answered, leaning against the sink. She nodded but didn't take her eyes off my chest.

I suppose I should put a shirt on. She sucked in a breath and her gaze traveled down to the trail of hair leading to my manhood. Fuck the shirt.

She walked towards me and grabbed a cup from the cupboard. She pointed towards the faucet, her gesture signaling I had to move so she could get some water. I moved to the side and she smiled tightly. "You work out a lot?" She asked. I nodded, humoring her with small talk. "Yep. Being in the Marines makes exercise necessary."

"I've never met a guy who takes such care of their body. I mean, I haven't dated super unhealthy guys or anything. I've dated fit guys, but not like you," Sam backtracked, her red hair drawing my attention to her chest, "I mean it's not like we're dating I'm just comparing you. Not in a bad way I just mean-" I cut her off by planting my mouth on hers. She responded immediately, wrapping her arms around my neck as my toungue tangled with hers. Her body went soft in my arms, molding to me perfectly.

A lust filled groan escaped my mouth as her nails raked across my neck.

An equally lustful moan escaped her as I thrust my hips against her. "Oh God," she gasped when I pulled away. I nibbled at the sensitive spot on her neck drawing some of the hottest sounds I'd ever heard from her throat. I shouldn't be doing this. This shouldn't be happening. She ran her hands through my hair, tugging and pulling me closer.

"Gavin!" I heard my mom shout. Fuck. I swear she has the worst timing. I sighed and hung my head. "Next time I won't stop," I said softly. She nodded drunkenly her eyes half closed.


"Yeah mom?"

"Katherine will be joining us for dinner tonight," she said as she rounded the corner. "Who the hell is Katherine?"

"Watch your mouth! She's your girlfriend from high school. Remember? Katherine O'Donold," she said cheerfully. I winced. Katherine O'Donold was a cold hearted woman. "Ma, she fucked half the baseball team, the coach, and her biology teacher."

"Oh those days are behind her. She's not like that anymore. She's a good girl now," my mom said waving me off.

"Why is she coming?" I asked. Next to me, Sam tensed. "She hasn't seen you in years! And I want some grandbabies," she said. "No."

"But Gavin-"


"You didn't even-"

"No. When I meet a woman, that I love mind you, then you can talk about babies. But right now, no," I said walking past her to my room for a shower....and a shirt. "She's coming to dinner Gavin McDough!" My mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"Well I hope she knows it's a wasted effort," I shouted back. My mother's frustrated groan was the only response.

Later, when I got out the shower I heard knocking on the door downstairs. Fuck. She's here. I picked my phone up from the bed.

Hey can you watch Grayson tonight. Carson had texted seven minutes ago.

I'm out of town. I replied rubbing the towel over my hair.

You goin over seas?

No I'm at my parents down south. My father's sick.

I wish him the best.

I pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a white t-shirt. My tattoo could almost be seen through the thin cotton. "Who the hell are you?" A high pitched voice asking was the first thing I heard as I made my way downstairs.

"I'm Sam. Sam Hartford. Who are you?" Sam asked. I nearly keeled over laughing when I saw Katherine's expression. "Katherine O'Donold, you've probably heard of me," she said in a confused tone.

"," Sam lied. "You must be from out of town then. But that's okay honey. We'll get you clued in," Katherine said as if she were speaking to a child.

Anger welled inside of me. "Yeah Sam, you must be from out of town if you haven't heard of Katherine O'Donold-"

"Thank you Gavin," Katherine interrupted, eyes running over me like I was a steak and she was starved. "-our towns biggest slut," I finished looking down at Sam. Her eyes widened at my word choice. "Oh you big joker you!" Katherine squeeled. The past twelve years have not been to Katherine O'Donold. Her spray on tan made her appear slightly orange and she had enough make up on the put on all the homeless people in America and still have enough to spare. Her breasts were so obviously fake it was painful and she was so skinny her cheeks sunk in and the bones in her shoulders seemed to be on the verge of popping out.

We walked into the dining room and sat. Me in my usual place since childhood, one chair over from the head of the table. Sam sat next to me, Katherine sat across from me, and my mother sat across from Sam.

The sight of food made my stomach growl. Sam laughed, being the only one close enough to hear it. "Hungry much?" She asked teasingly. "You have no idea," I answered, spooning mashed potatoes onto my plate. God, it's been to long since I've had a home cooked meal. Usually it's MREs, take out, or a frozen dinner.

Sam moaned as she bit into my mother's chicken farfalle. My jeans tightened and my head snapped to her.

"This is so good Marjorie," she declared, moaning again. "I agree Mrs. McDough," Katherine said. I slipped my hand over Sam's bare thigh, her dress hiking up some. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her look at me but I continued to eat my pasta.

I rubbed the inside of her thigh with my thumb and she shivered. "You cold dear?" My mom asked.

Sam cleared her throat and shook her head. "Fine," she said.

I drew my hand up higher until I couldn't because her legs were closed. "I agree mom. This is the shit," I mumbled. Sam's thighs spread and I smiled. I pushed my hand higher until I reached her panties. They were wet.

"So I heard your in the military," Katherine said eyeing Sam and I suspiciously. "I am. The Marines more specifically. Almost a decade," I said smiling politely.

Sam's eyes fluttered as I rubbed her small nub through the lacy material. My jeans tightened further when she reached down and pushed my hand harder. "How's Carson?" My mom asked. "He's good. 'Bout to get married, he has a boy now. Grayson," I said tightly.

Sam's legs began to tremble and her hand shook as she brought a fork full of pasta to her mouth.

I moved my hand and pushed it into her panties. She let loose a moan.

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