A Surprise.

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Bonus Short Story

Serenity and Ryan’s love story.

Serenity's POV

He’s close, I could smell his scent fading as I approached a water hole. Pulling my head back, I sniffed again. Yes he was here, he had stopped to wash. His first slip up in days, perhaps he wasn’t aware I was tracking him.

Coming to a halt, my fur rubbed against the ground as I lowered my whole body, ready to pounce.  My body went flying backwards, slamming hard into a tree. I was shocked as my body slid down the trunk, but the teeth clamped around my neck had my eyes wide. My prey had taken the upper hand, I now cursed myself for sending the royal guards away; I thought this hunt was mine.

I kicked a paw in the wolf’s stomach, his teeth sunk into my neck, scraping across my skin he flung backwards; losing his grip.

I hissed with pain, but kept my eyes on my prey as he pulled himself back up from the ground and growled at me. Our eyes locked and that was when it hit me. His eyes, locked with mine, sent waves of need burning in my veins.

All thoughts dropped to the side, this wolf was my mate! I was sure my eyes mirrored my horror; this couldn’t be. I was to be queen; I could not have a nomad for a mate.

Without thinking, I darted away from him. I ignored the blood that dripped from my neck and I flung my body over a laying log. The grass and trees flashed across the corners of my eyes as I ran in my direction of home.

Away from what could possibly be the man of my dreams.


“What happened to your neck?” Isabella’s blue eyes were locked on the wound as she stood in my room, with her small arms crossed.  “Did the wolf you were tracking do that?”

“Yes, it isn’t that bad.” I said lightly while brushing my hair down and letting it flow around my shoulders. It covered it from immediate view.

“Have you told father?” I heard Isabella’s worry in her voice. “He isn’t going to be happy.”

“Father is never happy,” I pointed out while walking towards her. “You should remember you can’t always please him Isabella.”

Isabella was only twelve, and yet she spoke and acted as if she was a hundred. I smiled as she uncrossed her arms, her stubbornness flashed across her eyes.

“I do not try to please him.” She muttered, as she walked in front of me and out of my bedroom door. “I just do not challenge him like you always do.”

“Ok Is.” I shot her a smile, “What did you do while I was away?”

We walked in step together as we strolled down the corridor. I was not in a rush to tell my father that I was unsuccessful to track the nomad wolf. Failure was not something he neither accepted nor understood.

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