The rest of the dinner passed far less painfully, although still excruciatingly slowly, after Chloe's pep talk. Even though Gabe's felt his performance as Claire's date went from why-the-hell-did she bring-this-mute to Claire's-date-seems-nice, he was pissed at himself for not doing better.

As they walked back to Claire's condo, Gabe thought about the dinner. There wasn't one moment where he felt that Claire was better off having him there. Instead, he just felt like dead social weight for the evening, dragging her down.

Claire on the other hand was a sight to behold. Gabe never really understood what people meant by networking until he saw his woman work a room. Gabe knew his opinion of her must have been biased, but he was sure that even if he didn't feel about her the way he did, he still would have thought she was the most captivating person there.

He noticed Claire gave her undivided attention to everyone she spoke with and let them brag about their successes without interrupting to tell them about her own, unlike some of the other blowhards that were there. Even though Claire wasn't a walking resume, Gabe was impressed that she ended up putting the business card of everyone she spoke with in her little purse and had made plans to be back in touch. Yea, this girl was a marvel and he was the one she chose to have at her side.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"Just thinking of how impressive you are." Gabe answered honestly.

"Really?" she said beaming at him.

"Yes really. You had everyone there eating out of your hand." He said. He brought her soft hand up to his mouth and brushed it with his lips.

Claire blushed. "Well you know the saying, 'the most interesting person in the room is the most interested'" She said downplaying her success. "Thanks again for coming. I know it's not your type of thing."

"Anything you're at is my thing babe." Gabe lied. He didn't want to be a killjoy by confirming just how long the evening had been.

By the time they'd reached Claire's condo Gabe was feeling like himself again. Determined to prevent the evening from ending without reminding Claire that he could be more than just a lame date, he decided that he wouldn't rest until he made his girl scream out his name.

Claire felt the atmosphere in the elevator change the moment the doors shut her and Gabe inside; it was if the air between them was electrically charged. She looked up at Gabe to see his bedroom eyes searing holes through her dress. There was an aura of lust around him; it enveloped her as he closed the gap between them. She braced herself for a passionate kiss that never came. Instead, Gabe teased her by running his fingers along the side of her neck and down her arm. Gabe's soft touch sent heat through her body and Claire felt her panties start to moisten.

Within moments, the elevator doors re-opened with a ding and they exited onto her floor. Claire rummaged through her purse and grabbed the keys to her condo. She could feel the waves off heat coming off him as she opened the door.

Without saying a word, Gabe unleashed himself onto Claire as soon at the condo door was shut behind them. He devoured her mouth, then reached around to grope her ass as he kissed her. Claire felt Gabe guide her legs around him as he lifted her off the ground. She kicked off her shoes as he carried her to her bedroom.

Gabe sat on her bed and positioned Claire so she was sitting on top of him, straddling his lap. Claire took advantage of the position to slip her hands under Gabe's shirt and feel his hard chest. She gave Gabe's nipples a tug, making him groan. Claire's dress had travelled up to her waist; she could feel his hard dick through his jeans. She ground herself against him and moaned.

Things were getting so hot so quickly. Claire decided to take matters into her own hands, literally, and reached down to unbutton Gabe's jeans. 

The action seemed to snap Gabe to and he grabbed her wrists. "I'm slowing this down." He said firmly as he pulled away her hands away from is zipper. 

Claire looked at Gabe. The Gabe who was drunk off of lust was gone and the composed, smoldering Gabe, the same one who'd spanked her a few weeks earlier, was back. Claire felt her knees go weak; she liked this Gabe. She liked him a lot.

Gabe had almost allowed himself to get carried away. Thankfully, he'd mustered up enough will power to stop Claire from jumping his bones before he was too far gone. He wanted this part of their night to be on his terms not hers. He wasn't ready to fuck her just yet. Not until she was desperate for him.

Gabe slid Claire off his lap and onto the bed. He stood up and walked a few feet away. Looking at her he slowing took off his jacket and hung set it on a chair in her room. Claire's eyes followed his every movement. Just as slowly, he slid off his shirt, pants and socks, ensuring to flex as much as possible. He left his black boxer briefs on deciding to make Claire wait to see more.

"Your turn." He said to Claire. She followed his instructions without question and let her dress slip to the floor. She left her panties and bra on.

"Good. Now lay back on the bed." Gabe ordered.

Claire obeyed and laid against the fluffy pillows. She locked eyes with him and parted her legs. Gabe's cock throbbed in response. He liked when Claire tried to toy with him. He decided to take this further than he had initially planned.

Gabe strode over to the bed and sat beside where Claire was laying. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, releasing her soft breasts. He leaned forward as if he were going to suckle them but instead kept moving past and pulled her earlobe into his mouth. Gabe then kissed his way down Claire's neck making her sigh.

"Gabe." She breathed.

"What beautiful?" he asked innocently as he traced his fingers along her the front of her panty line making sure not to come into contact with her pussy.


"Please what?"

"You know what." She said reaching for Gabe in an attempt to pull him onto her.

Gabe pulled back avoiding her grasp. Then leaned back in and gave her a hard kiss as he tugged at her nipples. Claire let out a frustrated moan. "Is that what you want?"

"More." She pleaded.

"Be good and you'll get more." He said. Gabe lightly kissed his way down her ribs. He did the same thing on the opposite side before making his way over to her beautiful breasts. Gabe pulled a breast into his mouth and swirled her pink nipple with his tongue. He massaged the other breast with his hand.

"Mmmmmmmm that feels so nice." Claire said closing her eyes.

Gabe upped the pressure and sucked on her nipple, pinching the other with his hand.

"Ahhhh." Claire moaned. Things were starting to feel much better than nice.

Gabe released her perfect breasts and shifted himself so he was between her legs. Claire squealed at the sight of his mouth so close to her slit. She lifted her hips motioning for him to take a taste.

"I know what you want." Gabe said to her as sternly as he could muster. "Luckily for you I want the same thing." He said as he put one of the pillows from her bed underneath her. He wanted her propped up for what he had planned.

Gabe kissed Claire's stomach and continued downward, kissing as he slid off her lacy thong. He continued kissing, warming her soft pussy lips with his mouth. He took his time, making sure that every part of her softness had been in his mouth. He could taste Claire getting wetter with each touch. He saw her squirming in frustration.  Gabe was making her feel good but not allowing her to build to a climax.

"Babe please." Claire said though her soft moans. "Just gimme your dick."

"Not yet. But you can have this." He said slipping a finger inside her. He moved his finger in and out of her slowly as he licked her clit. He moved quickly enough to drive her insane but not quickly enough for her to cum. He wanted her dripping and desperate for what he had planned.

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