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Xander Black above^


Tala Hut

I silently prayed as the beta grabbed a whip from the metal shelf in the corner of the room he dragged me in. I lowered my head and my almost waist length, red hair, made a curtain on either sides of my face. I heard heavy footsteps coming closer and I cried in silence. I tried to take steady breaths and tried to stop the salty water dripping down my face. The doors opened and I looked up.


The awesome thing about being a Red Wolf is that you can know who you're mate is a whole year before you shift.

My eyes widened and my breath got caught in my throat.

He was not wearing a freaking shirt.

I looked away from those freaking slaying abs and they landed on the beta.

"Alpha," he bowed.


Why on earth did his dad punch him if he knew he was the alpha?

This is confusing me.

I lowered my head again.

"Alpha?" The beta asks.

My head snapped up and his eyes were still on me and all I could see was sorrow.

"Tala," he whispers.

"Yep," I said groggily.

I heard shuffling beside me and a sharp pain the back of my arm.

I whimpered and looked behind me.

"Sorry just taking blood," the beta whispered.

When I looked up, the alpha was looking away.

Haha. Can't stand it could you?

"Stop Kyle," Xander demanded.

Kyle nodded and took the humongous shot out my arm.

I heard shuffles come downstairs and that freaking father stood next to Xander.

Great. Just freaking perfect.

"Go ahead, kill her," he said.

My eyes snapped up as he tried to get closer to me.

I quickly got up to run, but he grabbed my and shoved me up against the wall. I gasped out when the cold grey brick wall touched my skin.

"Or should I."

"No," my mate said," she's my mate."

"We made an oath Xander."

"Dad please," he begged.

His dad's grip tightened on me.

"What's you're name?" He snapped.

"You don't need to know my name because I know that all you want to do is kill me," I protested.

He pulled me closer to him, then shoves me against the wall.

"I asked you a question then you answer me," he yelled.

I gulped.


"Tala what?" He asked harshly.

"Tala... Hut," I choked out.

"Oh, you're from that one Red Wolf tribe I tried to kill off," he smirks.

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