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"I'm sorry, babe. The director asked for a re-take sa isang scene. Hindi ako makakaabot." he explained. I can hear the apology in his voice.

My eyes dropped at the flickering candlelight that was placed on the table. The grip on my phone tightened, my lack of response hanging between us. I could imagine him with his eyes shut, face contorted like he was in deep pain.

"Babe..." he called with reluctance. I can almost hear his thoughts from here. He's worried of how I would react. He didn't want me mad, but he also knew it was inevitable. Being in a relationship for two years made it possible for me to read right through him.

"Sav, say something, please?" malambing na pakiusap nito nang hindi pa rin ako nagsalita. Pumikit ako at pilit na kinalma ang sarili.

Understanding. I should be understanding.

Huminga ako ng malalim. Nang hindi pa rin humupa ang galit sa dibdib ko ay ginawa ko ulit iyon ng isa pang beses. That's when I managed to calm down. "What do you want me to say?"

"That you'll forgive my director for me?" he teased and I couldn't keep my 'understanding' facade anymore. Hindi ko kayang mag panggap na hindi ako clingy. Damn it.

"Nakakainis ka." I sulked like a kid, pouting over the phone even when he can't see it.

He chuckled. I could hear the relief from it. Alam niyang hindi ako galit. Kung kaya ko siyang basahin ay ganoon rin naman siya sa akin. "I know you're pouting. Stop it 'cos I can't kiss it away for you right now."

"Still pouting." I grumbled and that earned me another delicious chuckle from him.

"Babawi ako sa'yo sa Sunday. I promise." he said sweetly. I sighed at the sound of his voice, losing the pout that I was wearing.

Sunday is two long days away from tonight but that's his only guaranteed free day.

"Alright." I replied, my white flag continuously waving in the air. Wala naman na akong magagawa. It's his job. Hindi naman niya sinasadya na biglang naisipan ng director nila na mag re-take.

"Love me?" he asked.

A small smile occupied my lips as I nodded. "Yes."

"Let me hear it then." the smile on my lips grew bigger.

"I love you." warmth enveloped my chest.

"Good, because I love you too. See you soon, okay?"

"'Kay." I answered.

My foul mood turned good again. Forgiving him is as easy as getting mad at him. Mahirap patagalin ang galit ko para sa kanya. It helps that he rarely makes illogical mistakes. He's religious about avoiding doing things that will make me mad.

"Happy anniversary." I softly murmured on the phone.

I heard him let out a contented sigh near my ear. I pictured a lazy smile on his face. "Happy anniversary, Savion Elizabeth."

Nang magpaalam na siya ay tsaka ko lang ibinaba ang tawag. Kumain na muna ako ng dinner sa restaurant bago umuwi ng bahay.

The night didn't end up the way I imagined—which involves me, finally giving up my virginity to him, and maybe it's fate's way of saying that it isn't the right time for us to take it on the next level yet.

As soon as I got home, I cancelled the hotel reservation that I made for tonight. I took a long and relaxing bubble bath and indulged with a glass of wine. That night was ended with a long message from my boyfriend and a satisfied smile on my face.

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