Catfish (XIUKAI)

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Xiumin X Kai ]

Minseok X Jongin

*WARNING internet relationship! FOR Drama_Dork ONLY I hope this could satisfy you*

Kai doesn't remember when and how everything started. He can only remember the loud yells of his mother, telling him to get lost and he did. He escaped to his room just like always whenever she had drunken too much. Not even the rhythm of his favorite song could keep him going, he did't feel like dancing or moving at all. He neither wanted to cry. It wasn't worthy. Lost in thoughts, he didn't notice an unfamiliar Facebook account sending him a message. Obviously, Kai wasn't in the mood to text back but maybe it was the phantoms profile picture, that led him to get more curious. Hazel eyes, beautiful chocolate brown hair and a shy smile welcomed him as he zoomed in.

She was a stranger.

But yet someone who wasn't able to judge him. The message was a simple "Hey" ,but definitely a start of a story, Jongin would have never imagined to begin with. He shrugged and accepted the mysterious girls' friend request. A comfortable chat couldn't harm, right?

But it became way more than just a random chatting. Or else he wouldn't have spend the following days without leaving his phone out of his sight, a smile tugging on his lips the moment she was just sending him an emoji. It meant everything to him. Every good morning and good night message. Even after months, it was Kais only way to relax and calm his heart after he skips the daily routine, dips in the virtual world and see her. She is the only thing he dreams of. Dreams of holding her in his embrace, smell her perfume, capture her lips with his own and just feel all those love confessions being real. "Are you definitely sure she is not fake?" , those were the first words that slipped out of Taemins , his best friends, mouth the moment he showed her pictures. Days passed of Jongin getting understandably pissed off and being fine just by keeping his beloved as a secret. Even though he was aware of how many times his girlfriend obviously managed to avoid face timing or neither Jongin knows what her voice sounds like. She was indeed a secret.

MESSAGE FROM My Babygirl <3

>> Hope your exams went well, bae! Don't forget to eat. XX Min <<

Kai couldn't help it but sigh while ruffling his own hair in frustration. Currently, he was at school in the cafeteria, shoving his phone back to his pockets without answering. "Min, again?" Damn, how much he hated the cocky smile that always rested on Taemins lips. "Wow, I am actually surprised you are even noticing me here even though you have internet connection", he teased. But it wasn't the right time for the said boy for joking. All he could think about was the countless times Min was telling him about her broken phone which ended up to be the reason why they weren't able to communicate properly. But the fact that Kai hasn't seen her once, never heard her calling out for his name, telling him how much she loved him, stabbed his heart every fucking day. But how could he get mad if she became the cure to his pain? Jongin got so lost in his own thoughts, drifting away from the world as Taemin carefully patted his back and motioned him to stand up to go for a walk. They often did this, lingering together on the schoolyard, exchanging this and that. It was one of those moments Jongin felt like just being himself whenever his best friend was right next to him and today was no exception.

"Jongin, you need to talk to Min. If she loves you for real, you'll only find out when she is willing to meet you", Taemin speaks up ever so softly. The said boy lets out a deep sigh :"I've never been so confused in my life before" And never been so madly in love before. But there is something Kim Jongin never questioned before...someone so close yet a stranger...always caring, always loving him from afar...someone who knew him from his head to your toes by heart. Someone who never would've dared to let him know who the phantom was...not even on the internet.


The darkness overwhelmed the sky, rushing cars everywhere and the cold breeze caressing the boy's skin slightly. It definitely wasn't a night he was used to before, getting no texts from Min, no wonderings why he had wanted to make the distance grow bigger. Even though his heart ached for her and his hands reached as fast as they could to the contact section. Two weeks quickly passed by but the pain obviously lasted painfully long.

This night Jongin headed home, something caught his attention. Right there, pinned up on his own front door, an envelope? Suddenly, he froze in his spot.. his fingers lingering on the scripture "From Min" , before catching his breath again. Jongin instantly hurried down the hall, shutting the door close as he plumped on his bed without leaving his grip upon the paper. With shaking hands, he took out the neatly folded page...

" Dear my beloved Kim Jongin...

I knew this moment would come, I knew the first time I sent you a message, the first time I told you that I'd like you... all this time I wanted to avoid this moment. The moment I am going to hurt you even though I want to keep your beautiful smile as long as possible. I know, these words won't matter anymore when you're at the end of this letter of mine. But still I want you to remember...that I love you with all my heart. I am afraid I will only make excuses...but I can't give you the one you want your truelove to be. I can't be a part of your future plans...but even after all of this I made you to think that I might be the person who could hold your heart tightly. That profile picture... those eyes, those lips, don't belong to me. This is the reason I couldn't face you, even though I am close to you... you wouldn't notice me if you'd meet me. The true me who... eventually isn't even a girl. The true me who watched you dancing from afar, wanting to be the one who wipes your tears away when your mother was being useless again. I wanted to be the reason for your smiles I saw in school whenever you texted me. The beautiful phantom Min who is nothing more than a fantasy...who is actually a guy, hiding behind that mask. Min, who was actually Minseok all along. Kim Minseok hopelessly begging you to forgive him. All he wanted was to be your light in the darkness. With this letter I am willing to delete account, my messages, I will disappear even though that mistake I made is unforgettable... I want you to continue living, loving without me.

XX Kim Minseok. "


DUN DUNN DUNNNN xD HEYAA EXHOES! I am finally back ( after yeaaaarss ) with another one shot. I am not sure if you want a sequel to this where Xiumin and Jongin actually meet. I am sorry for mistakes and keeping you waiting for so long but I promise you that I have a lotta one shots in common! As long as you will keep requesting and loving, I will hopefully be more active. I love you guys ! (BAEKSOO IS PROBABLY NEXT)

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