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New Years Eve Special (and a note from me!)

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I'm writing this as a thank you to all of you lovely readers. Living with Chase has come so far, and at the time of writing this it's just short of 5,000 reads from 1 million. I'm simply amazed, and I can't thank you all enough. I still receive wonderful comments from all you, and it makes me happy to know a few years later that people our still reading it and sticking around. If you've got this far, to the third book, then high five to you. You're the most awesome of them all. So this is a small special chapter, just to say thanks for sticking by me! You never know, 2016 might bring you a whole new Harley/Chase book, but who knows what the future will bring.

For now, thank you, and I hope you enjoy.


"Chase!" I scream, my hands rummaging around through the drawer next to my bed. "Where did you put the car keys? I can't find them!" I throw out a bunch of old iPhone chargers, receipts, and god-knows what else, before calling out again. "Chase! Answer me!"

A pair of arms come around my waist, and I'm pulled away from the draw into his chest. Chase chuckles into my ear, holding out something shiny in my face. "These keys?"

I elbow him in the side, snatch the keys, and push him away from me. "You ass!" I shout at him, pushing the drawer shut with my butt, "I just spent five minutes looking through your crap for those keys! I knew I should have never let you have a drawer here."

Chase just laughs again, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me close. He brushes his lips against mine, "I know, but I was on the phone to your brother, so I couldn't reply. Your parents are wondering where we are, and they asked if we could bring some spare clothes for the twins. Apparently they're already incredibly dirty, covered in food and stuff from where they've been crawling around the dance floor." He kisses me, his hand tangling in my hair, cutting me off before I can say anything back to him.

I kiss him back, before remembering why I was in such a hurry to find the keys in the first place. Pulling away from Chase, I grab onto his hand and begin dragging him out of our bedroom. I quickly go into the twins room, and dig out some of their clothes. I stuff them in a blue bag with elephants, and rush out of their room. "Come on, we have to pick Nate up. While you were on the phone to Asher, I had Nate on the phone with me moaning about how he was cold waiting outside."

"Why was he outside?"

I sigh, picking up my leather jacket, and throwing Chase his hoodie. Leaning down, I kiss Jellybean on the head. "Because it's Nate, and Nate's impatient. And because of that, he left his keys in his house again, and Sammie is refusing to let him in, she says she's 'teaching him a lesson.'"

Chase lets out a loud groan. "I really worry about him sometimes," he says, as we walk down the stairs.

"You and me both," I mutter, locking the front door. "Every time my phone goes off in the middle of the night my first thought is 'oh god, what has he done now?' and when you're not with me, it's usually 'oh god, what has Chase done now?'"

"Hey!" Chase says. "I'm not that bad."

I throw the car keys at him, as I walk round to the passenger side. "Do I need to remind you that you got arrested on suspicion of murder?"

He glares. "Shut up."


Mum and dad's work parties haven't got any more fun since the last time I attended one. If anything they seem to have gotten worse. "Remind me why we are here again?"

"Because your parents caught us making out in your bed this morning, and we're trying to get on their good sides. Me especially. I'm just hoping they haven't mentioned anything to Asher, I can't be dealing with three angry Greenes. I think your family seems to forget that we live together, you know, totally unsupervised." 

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