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Chapter 4

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The cool London weather made me shiver, walking into the building with my hand clutching the sides of my jacket to tighten the clothing and provide some warmth. I jogged up the steps that were too fancy for the purposed they served, making the building seem much more elegant than it really was from the inside. The streets were mostly vacant, the harsh weather keeping most barricaded indoors.

A gust of warm air hit me as I swung open the doors to the institution. My body was instantly warmed up, a relief from the blizzard outside. The change in temperature did nothing to heighten my spirits of starting work today, though. Because as soon as I turned the corner, I saw none other than Harry Styles at the end of the hallway, accompanied by two guards gripping each of his muscular arms.

As soon as his hypnotizing green eyes rested upon my figure, a cheeky smirk graced his features. As we neared each other he shot me a wink, like you'd expect of a high school flirt, not of an unhinged felon.

His alluring habit played out on his lips as he swiped his pink tongue across their fullness. "Hello Rose," he said. The silky sound of his husky voice surprised me, in just a short time my memory of him not doing it the least bit of justice.

I nodded, mumbling, "Hi," with a tight smile, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Harry deeply chuckled at my response, which irritated the shit out of me. I swear every single thing he did was executed to belittle me. I had been working here for months, but around Harry I never felt more out of place. And the fact that he made me flustered only made me more flustered.

I shook my head, trying to rid my thoughts of the boy for once. I had a job to do, and he certainly wasn't going to distract me from doing it.

I hastily made my way down to the nurses office, Lori greeting me with her usual warm smile. She was sitting behind her desk, filling out paperwork of some kind. With all of the patients being admitted, released, and even dying, the records she had to keep were endless. "Hey Lori," I greeted.

"Oh, Rose. I'm so glad you're here, can you please go get Lilly and grab me some extra bandages from the supply room and check up on Buck's foot and then hurry back to help me with Marise?"

"All in that order?" I asked, a little taken back by her sudden demand. Not to mention I was still half asleep with it only being eight o'clock.

"Yeah. Sorry dear, we're just really busy this morning."

"It's fine, consider it done."

"Thanks you so much," Lori said, seeming relieved to have the extra help.

So I embarked on my long voyage of obtaining materials and checking up on patients. I walked down to the supply room and went to the back, grabbing what I hoped were the right bandages. I passed a variety of whips and chains to get to the medical supplies, which made me shudder.

It was sick, what's done to the patients. They were constantly whipped into obedience, sometimes even caged up like animals. Lobotomies were performed too, which is basically where a doctor hammers an ice pick behind your eye, hoping to hit a certain nerve that was supposed to calm and relax patients. Most of the time their efforts to bring some sanity back into the patients were fruitless, so now it was only performed on the most malicious of patients.; almost like a punishment rather than a surgery.

Oh, and how could we forget the miraculous electro-shock therapy. Shooting electric currents through people to sedate them, hearing awful shrieks from the electrocuted patient, seemed to be a popular practice that the doctors often inflicted. It wasn't fair in my eyes, they should be treated and cured of their malicious ways, not beaten into further insanity. Our punishments have gotten a slightly more pleasant than in the 30s and 40s, though, but not by much.

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