"What are you doing?!" Priscella shrieked as I climbed over the shopping cart. If I was forced to come here then they are going to have to be my slaves and drive me around the store. I don't feel like walking.

               "What does it look like I'm doing?"

               "Get down, Jesse." She face palmed herself, someone is getting humiliated. Well I don't care.

               "You really wanna make me get down?" I challenged with annoyance.

               "Yes!" She growled, slamming her palm to my forehead.

               I cringed with pain, stupid Priscella and her abusing is getting me angry now.

               I saw a police officer walking by the front doors of the store so I whistled at him. He turned around—making Priscella suddenly stiffen. He walked toward us three, taking off his sun glasses and glaring down at me.

               "How can I help you?" He asked approaching us.

               "Hi, yeah, I was wondering if you can put someone in jail for constant harassing and abusing."

               "Jesse!" Priscella raged, finally grabbing the bars of the cart and pushing me away.

               "Sorry Officer, he's just crazy." Rayne said in the back, I turned back and flashed my finger at him.

               "Jesus Christ!" Priscella grunted as we entered the giant grocery store. "You can't stop being ... JESSE ... for one God damn minute can you? You always have to start some shit or some drama."

               "You're the one who keeps hitting me." I muttered quietly, like the innocent boy that I am.

               "Maybe I wouldn't hit you if you weren't so stupid."

               I scoffed, taken aback. "I'll have you know that I'm the one who is passing all his classes!"

               "You know very well I'm better than you."

               I shook my head, "Nu uh. Don't lie to me. We basically have the same classes."

               "Exactly. So you should know that you're the one failing. You're the one who is going to be seriously abused by your mom once she finds out."

               My jaw dropped, "Are you threatening me?"


               "What is wrong with you!?"

               We were getting weird looks from costumers around, and we were in an empty aisle. We were way too loud. But it's just another normal day for the Priscella and Jesse relationship. Fighting, kicking, crying and then ending up making up with a bag of chips from the vending machine.

               We passed an old lady as Priscella rambled on and on about how ignorant I am. The old lady blinked fast when Priscella used a curse word. Poor old lady. Tsk. 

               "Will you shut up?" I snapped at her.

               She smacked my shoulder and used a bag of wheat bread to hit me with. Ouch. It hurts so much. I'm bleeding. Help. I'm dying. Oh no...

               "You guys are so entertaining." Rayne laughed in the back.

               "I'm glad we're amusing you." Priscella said, keeping a straight agitated face.

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