Chapter 7 Concert time

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*Chapter 7 Concert Time*

*December 21,2015 Alison P.O.V* 

Spencer got a call from the gang at 4:00 saying they'll be home at 6:30. We thought we would watch another movie. It was 5:30. Better cook dinner.

"Okay I'm going go make dinner," I said getting up from the couch. He grabbed my wrist the one that isn't in bandages and pulled me down into his lap.

"Noooo. Stay," he whined.

"Somebody has to make dinner Spencer and that somebody is me," I said.

"Noooo Emily will make it," He whinned

"Emily is out wit Dylan shopping for clothes. Angel and the others are setting the stage. That leaves me cooking . Also last time you tried to cook. You covered the whole kitchen with dough and that was in 5th grade. Then Cole tells me you blew up the kitchen again in 9th" I said.

"The kitchen hates me," He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and laughed. I got up and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge. I took out the chinese noodles. I'm making chinese.


I heard everyone walking in. I had just finished up the rice. I had already set the table. The table was filled with, Chinese noodles, Chicken, Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, Pink Homemade Lemonade and bread. Dylan and Emily were in the living room giving everyone their outfits.

"DINNER'S READY," I shouted. Angel and Emily walked in.

"This is awesome, but you didn't have to make food. We could have ordered out," Angel whispered.

"Yea but I love to cook. So I made dinner," I smiled.

"Yep. She loves Crop tops, Hoodies, Shoes, Clothes shopping, Making food, Eating food. Then finally she loves me," Spencer said bluntly. Everyone laughed.

"Not true. She loves Angel and me above all that," Emily teased.

"Hey What about us," Alex pouted.

"She also loves Cameron, Alex and Dylan above all that," Angel teased.

"Well then. I see how it is," Spencer pouted.

"Anyway. We got the arrangement done for who's going when. Also we told the Manager to Say that there's a concert at 8:00 By sinclair residence. Over the speakers," I said. They nodded.

"We will discuss the arrangement after dinner. Also Angel, Emily I need to talk to you two alone. I also need to talk to Cameron, Dylan and Alex alone," I said.

"So everyone except me. That's just amazing," Spencer said.

"I know right," I smiled. We all sat down and ate dinner. Emily, Angel and I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. Then I took them to Emily's room.

"Okay. I want you to to sing a song with me," I smiled

"Aren't we already doing that," Emily asked.

"Yea but there will be 5 Ending songs. I want you to sing with me on my last song with me," I said. Then Alex, Dylan and Cameron entered the room and locked the door behind them.

"Okay Ali what's up," Cammy asked.

" I want you all to do my ending song with me," I said.

"That's fine but is it going to be one of your arrangements or a single," Cammy asked.

"What do you mean," Angel asked slightly confused.

"Well. Ali here makes her own arrangements of songs. She writes her own songs. She also takes bunch a songs and mashes them together to make 1 amazing remix. She's awesome at both but the thing about her remixes. Is that most remixes have 2 or 3 songs. Her's has 10 or 20 in 1 song. That seems like a lot to sing but in the end it's an amazing remix. She's done remixes since 3rd grade. She started from 2-3 songs and gradually added more," Cammy explained.

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