6. Grave Affliction

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Chapter #6

Somewhere in Dubai

A hospital room.....

"you know what! You need to get well soon and start talking and smiling"

"And you know why! Because of your wife...she loves you, can't you see her crying shedding tears for you day and night? You have to get up and hug her and kiss her and to tell her you are okay"

She kept on blabbering like always as she was making my bed, my gaze was fixed somewhere in the space, eyeballs static, pupil stagnant like they never moved or even shivered before in life.

"you are a handsome lad you just need to be strong"

"And most important" she stood in front of me, I wasn't looking at her. "you need to forget whatever the shit has happened to you in the past and live for the present"

"I had three husbands; two died, one divorced me. Am I dead? Did I commit suicide? No. one needs to be strong enough to face everything" 

This was the story I had listened to for over a million times.

I heard her heaved up a sigh as she aimlessly moved here and there in the room, I could here sounds; she picked up the vase emptied the half dried flowers and kept fresh one inside them after throwing the older ones in the trash can.

In past so many days, nights, weeks, months now I was all immune to the environment, I was used to f the air of that room.

"you are listening to me right? Hey! You boy! Yes am talking to you okay. you have to listen and respond."

"Jesus! This man is so stubborn" she blabbered once again.

"I have never seen a person like you in my past 24 years of service to this very hospital. You-are-a-rigid-ass"

"forgive my language but you are just so difficult" she was waving her hand in the air carelessly while talking and talking and talking.

"I feel so bad for the poor girl who loves you so much"

She touched my hospital gown here and there as if was clearing off the creases and then she attached something to my left thumb and a few beep sounds were heard before she came back to my bed.

"I am here okay outside. You want something. press it" she picked up my right hand a little and placed it over a small cold metal thing.

She left me there in the room alone.

Its been 7 years I didn't talk or smile, or laugh, or chatted to anyone.

I like being in pain.

You were right Tehreem! Jo dard detey hen wo badley mein dard k siwa kuch nai patey.

Hussain's POV


Memories of past so many years flashed back in front of my eyes as I just sat there in front of her, looking at her drenched face. She was in a silent sob, constant hiccups which she clearly tried to pacify but couldn't hide.

Her skin paler than ever and a few wrinkles were prominent at the corner of her eyes, her hair still curly but for the first time I was witnessing Gul in a braid, in a decent reasonable hair style.

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