I Hate Him, He Craves Me, I Want Him, He Needs Me. Vampires Are SO Clingy!

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Cigarette smoke filled the room. It swirled around dancing bodies, leaving a lingering scent. It was so strong I began to cough the second I entered the club. The only scent stronger then the smoke was alcohol. My parents would have a fit if they smelt any of this on me. With each step I took my foot stuck to the ground. These people must never mop their floors. Brianna tugged my hand, pulling me through the bodies towards the bar. Brianna had just gotten a fake ID last weekend and raged about how ‘cool’ and fun it was. So naturally, I didn’t want one. Anything cool and fun to Brianna had to equal trouble. But Brianna being Brianna meant she got what she wanted and unfortunately for me, she wanted me to come with her tonight, which meant I needed my very own fake ID. For tonight I am a 23 year-old woman named Sherry Thomas, resident of 12 Mitchell Lane.

            “It’s simple.” Brianna had said while we waited in line. “Flash the card and walk in. No second thoughts, no second looks back.”

The bouncer had been a huge man, aren’t they all? His muscles were covered with a black t-shirt representing the band playing tonight. He sported a bald head with a black tattoo etched into it. I did as Brianna had said. I looked up into his eyes, flashed the card, and walked in. No looks back to see if he had approved or not. I had finally let out the breath I had been holding, but too bad for me there was no air in here to breathe.

            So here I am, being pulled towards a bar in a 21 year-old or older club. Wearing Brianna’s red silky halter top with tight black jeans and red pumps, doing the exact opposite that I would be doing on a Saturday night. Normally I would be watching television and babysitting my bratty stepsister.

“Two Sex on the Beach’s.” Brianna yelled over the music to the bartender.

She let go of my hand and sat down on one of the empty stools. Most of the people were near the stage, jumping and moshing to the music. The music vibrated right through me, leaving a numb sort of feeling. I jumped onto the matching red stool and crossed my legs. I usually crossed my legs when I was feeling a little insecure. Right now I was feeling a lot insecure…

            The bartender returned with our drinks and without checking our ID’s, took the money and left. Brianna gulped down the drink and leaned over the bar to yell at the bartender. My glass sat on the coaster without being touched. A drop of water slid down the side of the glass. “Yeah I feel the same way.” I thought, wiping my forehead. I scanned the room and saw what I had expected to see. Most of the people were dancing near the stage. Some were hiding in the corners, doing drugs, drinking and making out with someone they probably just met. This was Brianna’s scene. Honestly, I can’t believe that we’re best friends. I’m the quiet one while she’s the wild one.

            My brown hair had been straightened and fell in loose layers down my back, but it was too hot for that. I felt the ends of my hair sticking to my back as I adjusted my seat. Brianna was casually sipping another drink, as if she had been here a million times and understood everything that was going on. Currently, she had her eyes glued to a guy at the end of the bar. He was sitting on a red stool, just like us, staring into a tall glass filled to the rim with, what looked like, beer. Brianna took the cherry floating in her drink and started to suck on it. With her black hair and feral green eyes she reminded me of a panther, crouching, ready to attack at any slight movement. There it was. The subtle turn of his head in Brianna’s direction sent her flying off the stool towards the man. My eyes followed her as she slid by his arm, making sure to press her breasts against him, as she slid into the empty stool on his right.

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