I Kissed A Boy: Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

"Y-Your what?!" I demanded angrily, but I winced when my headache decided to kick in worse than it was before. I clasped the side of my head, watching as Blake nodded matter-of-factly as he backed away from the nightstand to walk over to the dresser where he peeked through a few magazines.

"It's hard to dig up dirt on the rest of your little posse by myself. I need help and what better fly on the wall than Danny Carter? Jensen High's popular douche bag?" Blake asked, turning to face me now. I gritted my teeth together.

"There's no way I'm turning on my friends."

"Oh, please. Those jerks aren't your friends."

"How would you know what friends are like?! You don't have any!"

"Touche," Blake admitted, the calm expression on his face not flinching for a moment, "But I know who is who in our school. And I know for a fact that your friend, Joss? He's the one who told the whole school last year that you got Ashlee McCullens knocked up, which we both know isn't true. It took months for that rumor to die down."

"You have no proof-"

"True. I was just eavesdropping on him talking to your other so-called friend, Emily. Seems you turned Emily down and she was so heartbroken and since dear Joss loves her so much, he did her the favor of spreading that rumor. You dug your own grave."

"Dude, she's just my friend. And an ugly one at that! And I still don't believe you!"

"Your kind is so shallow."

"You didn't just call me shallow."

"Well, if I stood in a kiddie pool full of you, I wouldn't get wet," Blake offered with a crooked smirk that was on and off in a flash, making me glare at him hotly, "Look, just for the next two weeks before winter vacation. That's as long as I'll need before I catch up on my own. In return, I won't tell the whole school that you kissed Blake Patterson."

"Oh yea? If I say no, that'll ruin you too! And I have friends who'll back me up!" I protested. Blake sighed, like an exasperated parent as he shook his head before leaning against the doorframe.

"You really need to pay attention... First off, I'm a nobody, remember? Who cares about lil' ol' me? And again, your friends wouldn't back you up if you were in a life or death situation, kid."

"My name's Danny, not kid."

"Cool story. So anyway, I just need you to meet me outside the school, say, six in the morning before school starts? Then you're free of me until five in the evening."


"I have things to do right after school. I'll come pick you up from your basketball practice and we'll head back to my place. It's not so hard. Just stirring up a little trouble to punish those brainless drones of yours."

"You're screwed up." I declared and rose to my feet to take off, but my legs wobbled and Blake wasn't having any of my fleeing. He moved faster than I could see him, his hands clasping onto my shoulders and shoving me back. I gasped and struck the bed, watching as the silks billowed and Blake was on top of me.

My face lit up again, growing hot as Blake's face was only a couple inches from mine. Cold and calculating. Oh my god. I was trapped in a room with a psychopath! This guy was a serious creeper!

"Do I need to threaten you, Danny? I'd have a hard time with a face like yours." Blake stated, his voice hard. I stiffened under him, staring up at those icy cold eyes. I couldn't speak for a second before Blake frowned slowly. He brushed his hand over my forehead so my hair fell away and he studied my eyes closely.

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