Chapter Seven: Unions and Reunions

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My fingers hesitated just before his ablaze skin and his eyes shifted to them too and then returned with confusion sewn through them. As all my ability to think was lost, my hands covered the rest of the few inches left and finally came in contact with his face. All the fire in the space dissolved into nothing.

My breath caught in my throat as I took in the boy opposite me. His smooth skin contrasted perfectly with his dirty blonde mess of hair. But the most mesmerizing part of him were his eyes. I would be damned if I lied and said that I had seen a more beautiful ensemble before. Everything about him just seemed perfect.

He seemed just as intrigued by everything that was going on and his eyes searched mine for answers. The moment lasted a few more seconds before the dream shattered and I woke up to a concerned Fiona.

"Oh Thank goodness, Madison are you feeling alright?" She inquired, putting a hand on my forehead to estimate my temperature which I was sure was more than average. My head felt light but other than that I felt fine.

"Yeah I'm fine. What happened?"

The last thing I remembered was throwing knives at the target board and missing most of them.

"You just passed out." Ash came up beside me with a glass of water which I accepted with a thankful smile.

"You were out for around ten minutes. I've called Emma by the way, she'll be here in a few minuted to pick you up." Sam informed, flopping on to the couch placed directly beside the bed in the infirmary.

"Did you feel anything usual?" Sam arched an eyebrow but something told me to keep my recent experience to myself. Who knows, it could be nothing at all. Just a dream.

"No. Why?"

"You were in some sort of coma, all your muscular activity was at its lowest and you were highly unresponsive. It was definitely more than just a normal passing out case." Fiona's forehead was wrinkled with worry and thought and as much as I appreciated her care, I didn't want to cause any more problems in her already twisted up life.

"I'm sure it was just all the stress from previous days. I haven't been sleeping very well lately. All that really matters is that I'm okay, and I assure you I am. Don't worry okay." I tried to mitigate the tension and it worked enough for Fiona's mouth to shape into a half smile.

"Well then if everything is fine, how about I take you all out for dinner tonight? My treat." She offered and Sam shook her head eagerly while Ash just gave her an approving smile.

"That sounds good to me."

"I'll call Emma and update her on the new plan." Sam walked out of the room, phone in hand.

"Has anyone seen Miles and Cassidy?" Fiona asked but both Ash and I just shook our heads. Miles had never returned after last night and Cassidy had left first thing in the morning after Fiona had forced her to stay in the infirmary overnight as her wounds were healed but her body had still gone through the trauma.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and then stretched my limbs to get some of the tension out of my figure.

"I should go home and get changed." I said as I put on my black sneakers that were conveniently placed right beside the bed. It was definitely the work of Fiona, as responsible and thoughtful as always.

"There's no way you're driving in that state." Okay sometimes her nature could get in the way of a lot of things but it was my duty to overlook them and only focus on her better part. Which this was, she was only concerned for my own safety.

"I'll drive her." Ash was being uncharacteristically nice to me these past few days and I hadn't minded the change but now it was really bugging me. It was like how you fed your goat before sacrificing it.

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