Chap 15: Always A Kid

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  Chloe laughed at Max's sarcasm before Max left the truck to give her one last wave goodbye, Max was already half way turned around before Chloe stopped Max.
"Wait Max"
"Could you please go see if (Y/N) is on break or something? I wanna talk to her. Text me if she isn't so you don't need to run over to tell me."
"Oh.. Ok" Max was slightly curious to why Chloe wanted to talk to you, but shrugging it off, she headed towards the Blackwell building while Chloe lit up a cigarette and relaxed in her rusty truck.

Meanwhile, you were in your office, digging through thousands of student files, and when I say thousands, I mean THOUSANDS.
"Stupid Mr. Sullivan, I would want to turn all this paper into a stake and shove it right up his-"
"How are the reports doing!" Mr. Sullivan chirped at you, you lifted your head up to see him sitting on your office table one leggedly, while his other leg rested on the marble floor, his hands intertwined with the other and rested them on his lap.
"They're doing just great, Mr Sullivan." You saw the dimples forming on his cheek and you thought about what Chloe said.
'He's a jerk sometimes because he is under a lotta stress ya know?' Ya, you didn't know. But seeing that ever since you started to help him with the reports that he was going to do on his own, he did looked happier. Not that someone else was also suffering under the amount of paperwork, but someone actually helped him when he was doing this all by himself for the past decade. You were glad to know that you were the reason he smiled more, and you were helping him relieve the stress that he has gotten over the past ten years. But still, he's a jerk.

"Excuse me?" You heard a knock on the door and saw a shy Max standing by the door. Mr. Sullivan whips his head around and see the shy girl standing there.
"Oh. I'm sorry if I'm disturbing your conversation, so sorry I'll get going now-"
"No, no!" Mr. Sullivan says as he stood up from your desk and began walking out the door.
"I'll leave you two girls alone."
"No actually I was just here to-"
Mr. Sullivan had already pushed her into my office and shut the door behind her, she looked at the door in shock then returned her gaze to meet yours.

"Who was that"
"That was the infamous Mr. Sullivan."
"But he seems so nice!" You rolled your eyes and chuckled.
"Yeah, you said it Max, seems. Anyways, now that you have witnessed what that is my office, whaddya think?" You said as you stood up from your leather chair and extended both your arms, gesturing around your office from every corner.
"it's.... Nice."
"Sure, anyways, what are you doing here fine Max?" You said as you lounged onto your chair and kicked your legs up and rested them onto the table. Carelessly knocking down the pencil holder.
"Chloe wants to talk to you, she's waiting outside down the stairs where we left you. Are you on break? If you are you can go ahead." You were flattered to hear that Chloe wanted to talk to you, wanted to spend time with you.
"Yeah, yeah sure. It's almost my break anyways, I guess I could ask for an early leave and go see Chloe. You're having photography with Mr. Jefferson, right?" With that said you picked up your leather jacket and wore it around your frame, swinging the leather bag across your shoulder, Max nods before chuckling at you.
"You really do look good in this kind of outfit, keep it up." Without another word she disappears out of the office, 'What's with the phrase this kind, am I that boring?' you thought, you walked out you office and realised that Max was already out of sight.
'Hm, fast walker' You hopped your way out of the arts classroom and feeling so giddy that you were going to see Chloe, she was one of those people that you would just liked to be hanging out with. You walked out of the building and saw a familiar truck under the stairs, you happily walked down the stairs but stopped at your track when you noticed a dash of red standing beside it.

    Nathan Prescott.

He was leaning over the window, probably talking to Chloe since she was the owner of this 'fine' vehicle.
"This is not over." Nathan said as he retreats from the truck, he turns around and see you, he totally ignores you and doesn't acknowledge your existence and rudely brushed past your shoulders. You whipped your head back to take one last glance of him.
'He's kinda cute, but his actions are not.'
You looked back at Chloe's truck and sees her smoking a cigarette, when she catches glimpse of you, her eyes go wide and she immediately takes one last blow before flicking it out of her window. Was she trying to not be seen smoking in front of you? It was cute, you thought.
You leaned over to her window where Nathan previously was, you could still smell his strong cologne.
"Were you trying to hide smoking from me?"
She looks down, and awkwardly scratches her neck.
"Well that wasn't a cigarette, per se..."
"It was a joint wasn't it"
She nods
"Why did you throw it out, I mean it must be hard to get a joint?"
"I didn't want to gross you out."
Awwwww, you thought.
"Chloe, how can I be grossed out at that, I know the smell can be, well, unsettling, but if that is what you truly enjoy, then fucking do it!"
The rain drops were getting heavier as you looked up to the sky, you returned your gaze back to Chloe and you could see her looking over her window, probably staring at the joint she just threw away.
"Aw, dammit, it's all wet and stuff"
You laugh at her being so adorable.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"
"Actually" She leans towards the door that you were currently leaning against, she pulls the handle and pushed the door open, gesturing for you get in.
"I didn't really want to talk, I just wanted someone to accompany me, it gets real lonely here, ya know? Plus, Max is at school, I don't want to interrupt her with her education"
You sat down next to her, your heart beating faster and faster by the minute, knowing that you very well could be spending the whole day with her.
"Chloe, I have work you know..."
She sighs and punches her steering wheel.
"Damn it... All my friends have things to do, and all I'm doing is drag them down. I'm so sorry if I interrupted your plans for today."
"Hell no! You saved me from a day of burying my face into paperworks after paperworks, you're actually accompanying me really"
She looks at you and punches you playfully on the arm.
"Glad to know that, kid"
"I.Am.Fucking.Four.Months.OLDER.Than.You" You growl through gritted teeth, you try to sound intimidating but it just made Chloe laugh even more.
"You will always be a kid to me"
"Yeah, I kid with a job."
"Fuck you, I'm too cool to be working."
"Yeah, right, right" You mocked at Chloe.Before the two of you left, Chloe took out her phone and started texting Max, feeling slightly uncomfortable, you took out your phone and started scrolling through social media.

   Chloe.Hella_Price:I can't believe you gave me gun to Frank. Hella disappointed

Max_0927:I'm sorry Chloe. I don't like guns, they freak me out" You know that, after that gun show, starring Nathan Prescott.

Chloe.Hella_Price:Well I really liked having that gun man!

Max_0927:And I like you much more WITHOUT a gun. BTW if I didn't tell you, you shot the bumper of the old junker in the junkyard, the bullet       ricocheted and hit you on the chest. I didn't rewind for the first time.

"Yo, (Y/N), pose with me"


  "Never mind, just look natural"

   =Chloe then pointed her signature middle finger towards he camera, you nervously looked back at your phone, after you hear a loud *Click*, Chloe punches on the arm.

"Ow, what the hell was that for?"

  "You suck man."

  You rolled your eyes "Yes, I have noticed."



Max_0927:Haha, Chloe, and is that (Y/N) behind you?


   Chloe.Hella_Price:Yep. Jealous?

Max_0927:No, I have school, I'd rather learn about photography than see you get shot again, but I doubt that (Y/N) would allow that to happen. I'm surprised you're even still alive right now.

Chloe.Hella_Price:Screw you Caulfield. You are more than welcome to join us and chill if you have the balls to walk out of that classroom right now

    Max_927: No, I do not.

   Chloe.Hella_Price:I'm gonna go chill now, later

   Max_0927: Don't die on me, byeasdasdds

  "The hell was that about?"  "Hm?"  "Nothing" Chloe puts her phone back into her pocket before turning the ignition.  "Who were you texting?"  "Max" Her phone buzzed again, she took it out, probably expecting another message from Max, she stares at the message that Max sent her then lets out a shallow chuckle. 

  "Check this out" She says as she hands you her phone.

  Max_0927: Hello Chloe.Hella_Price, this is Mr. Jefferson, Max_0927's teacher, please do not ever text her again when she's in class, thank you.

  "Look what you did, you got Max in trouble" Chloe rolls her eyes at you, making her blue orbs disappear, snatching her phone back from your hands she looks at you with one raised blonde eyebrow.

  "So? She need to loosen up, so do you! I know exactly the place to take you."

  She immediately slams the pedal towards the floor, you grasped the handle on the top of the window in shock of the sudden speed. The two of you zoomed through the streets of Arcadia Bay. the excitement inside you couldn't be contained when you saw the signature grin she flashed at you.

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