Chapter One

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Slenderman P.O.V


I stepped out from behind the tree, taking a step towards the man with his back turned towards me. It was tiring work, but I had to keep the pages safe. The one girl who could stand my face wrote on the pages, telling warnings. She died of heart failure, and they were the one thing that reminded me to be more careful. People are always trying to find the pages, to read the warnings they give. I scare them away to the point of no return, and come back to find another idiot.

The man in front of me turned around, and when he saw me he ran like there was no tomorrow. Here in these woods, it is never daylight, so I can hide better and make the humans even more jittery. I chased the man to the edge of the woods to make sure he would leave. I stalked back in and laid in wait for the next bumbling buffoon to come into the realm of shadow and despair. It didn't seem like anyone else would enter, so I lurked back to where I stay most nights. I entered the hollowed out trunk of an enormous oak tree and sat down. I looked into a puddle of water and sighed.

I had no face. No facial features, just blank whiteness. I was given this curse by the wretched girl, and it pained me. I was immortal, yes, but I wasn't exactly comforting to be with or look at. I was a monster. Nobody could look upon the white blankness of my face without fainting or running in pure fear. One does get tired of it after several centuries, and the mere sight of my own face sickened me. I had no eyes, yet I could see. I had no ears, yet I could hear. I had no mouth, but I could speak by touching other minds. I never did, because it made me scarier. I stood and straightened my suit, making sure my tie was straight. I had sensed another presence enter the cursed forest, and it was time for another scare.

I took one last look at the puddle and left to do my dirty work. I despised scaring people. The man and teenagers didn't bother me, it was the children and women that I hated. The children's screams would be engraved into my brain for the next couple of weeks, haunting me. I cleared my mind and focused on the unwelcome presence. The trouble was, the closer I got, the harder it was to concentrate on it. I shook my head and slipped into the shadows. I knew the general area of it, but I couldn't pinpoint it.

I slipped into the shadow of a shrub, and when it got closer, I stepped out, but I took a double-take. Standing in front of me was a girl of about 18 with long, jet black hair and rosy cheeks. Her eyes were as violet as tulips. She looked up at me shyly and held out a timid hand. She didn't run away, or faint, or anything when she saw my cursed face. The curse causes people to faint or scream at the least, in fact it was meant to do that. That's what's supposed to happen, but not with this girl.

"Hello there, sir. My name is Violet. I came here to see you. Slenderman, is that correct?" she said shyly.

I just stared at her hand. I gave her my scariest face, but it didn't do anything. I grew tentacles made of shadow essence out of my back, but it didn't phase her. Not knowing what else to do, I hesitantly shook her hand. I expected to see her hand freeze stiff because my skin is so cold, but nothing happened. She looked up at me expectantly.

"Excuse me, Slenderman, but can you talk? I have some questions I would like you to answer," she said, holding up a notepad and pen.

I took a step back, and then another. She wasn't like the rest, and I was unsure of how I felt about it. This has never happened before. I slipped back into the shadows and waited behind a willow tree.

"Slenderman, where did you go? All I wanted was some answers. I'm not going to hurt you. I don't know why, but I can face immortals and scary stuff like you, and I was hoping your answers could help me better understand my talent. Or a curse, I haven't decided which it is yet. Oh, please do come back, I need you," she pleaded, turning in circles. Her arms fell to her side and she looked down, disappointed. "Ok, but I'll be back," she said, walking away.

I followed her to the edge of the trees and watched her walk away. She was a strange girl. I wandered back to my hollowed out trunk and slumped at the base, lost in thought. I spent the rest of my time thinking about her and those violet eyes. I couldn't help looking at the carving in the base of the trunk. Before I had changed and forgotten my past life, I had carved my name. That was all I remembered. My name had been Chade, and underneath I had written the age at which I had been cursed, 19. That's all I had left of my past life. I was restless, thinking about the girl, Violet. Would she help me, or hurt me?

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