" Hey Candy!" As I was walking from the bathroom , heading for the front school doors i heard my best friend Denise call out for me.

" hey Denise, what's up?" I asked as I fixed my purse on my shoulder .

" Nothing I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to legends senior party tonight?" This is like the 8th time in a row she's asked me and every Friday she asks me about going to someone's party.

I stared at her , " You already know I don't do parties, denise why would you ask me that?"

" because your my best friend and you need to get out more, let's go shopping at least"

" what are trying to say? , I can't dress?"

" no, I'm just saying you need better clothes, like polo or something get you some nikes anything name brand, you walking around here like you just escaped slavery"

I looked down at my damn near destroyed white filas and my dingy black jeans, and my white plain shirt and blue Jean jacket.

" these "slavery" clothes are the only thing that fits me." I mumbled.

" there are many stores that has clothes for plus size girls and they be fly as hell"

" my mom doesn't want these name brand items to change me"

She looked confused " please explain to me how, a couple nikes shoes and polo shirts will change you.?"

I only shrugged " I guess she thinks, I'll grow up thinking I'm supposed have name brand, and that any other line of clothing that isn't really selling I would refuse to wear"

" how the fuck? Okay your mom, thankfully not mine." She put her hands up in surrender.

I looked over at denise and admired her appearance.

Her shaved half head with her short blonde hair , with her black Nike jump suit that hugged her figure perfectly.

" I knew you were gay" she laughed bringing me out of my trance.

" not at all, I just don't even know how we became friends, best friends at that I mean look at me.

She sighed " it wasn't your appearance who cares what you look like, you're funny, beautiful, thick a fuck. slim thick with yo cute ass"

She laughed and so did I she really knew how to bring my spirits up.

" and plus when I moved from new Orleans, to a almost all black and Latino mixed school, you were the only person who really got to know me, then everybody else got to know me after I started cheering and that's just how it went" .

Changing the subject I asked " do you like legend? "

She scoffed " girl who doesn't like legend, his fine self."

" but you barely even talk to him" I stated , she quickly changed the subject to flip the script on me.

" you like legend Candice? "

I tried to hide my smile. " No" I lied.

" you are such a liar why didn't you tell me I can hook yall up"

" no don't, I do not need Mariah all in my face, talking to me crazy "

" fuck Mariah scary that hoe not gonna do nothing, she cheating anyway who cheats on someone that fine?"

" I'm sure he cheats too"

" I don't know people say he's a player but who knows"

I just shrugged and continued walking home.

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