Authors Note

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Hey guys. So this is not a chapter. I haven't ever done an authors note, so I thought I would do one. So some updates. I will not be uploading another chapter till Sunday most likely. One. Because I have family visiting for New Years. Two. Because I do not want to have to make the executive decision on everything, because I still want you guys to enjoy the story, and be able to add your own ideas to the story.

So I am hoping soon that I will get feedback, so I can know what everyone wants. I know people are reading my story, more then the one person commenting, so please, leave some suggestions. Because I have absolutely no clue if everyone is enjoying the story.

Sorry for how mean I'm being. At least I feel I am being mean. I will update soon, but I am re reading Catching Fire, so I need to finish that. So pretty please with cherries on top, comment on my chapters so I know what you want. I know you are all sick of me saying this, but I guess I must to get my point across.

Again, sorry I am being harsh. But this is one of your last chances to tell me, because I have to get photos prepped for the baby scenes. So you guys have four days to comment before the next chapter, because then I have to get photos and decide on names. So please.

I am definitely an apology fanatic. Sorry guys for me being so mean. I hate it and feel like I will most likely have people stop reading after this because I am being a little mean, but everyone who reads my story who is a writer, understands that feedback is important.

Again, sorry for being harsh. So I will update on Sunday most likely. So I am looking forward to that. But have a Happy New Year guys! What is your favorite new year tradition?

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