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n// pls pretend that castiel is klaus ok bless also sorry that this is so short!!

And 'always and forever' it was. As little Darla grew a bit older, now entering the age of three months old, she was indeed the princess of the Mikaelson home. Always being watched by her wise uncle Elijah and taken out to play by her slightly obsessive auntie Rebekah, and forever being loved and taken care of by her doting father, Niklaus.

To them, she was beyond perfect. She was the thing that mended all the tears in their hearts, the pure soul that helped correct their corrupted ones, and finally, the child they had all wanted.

But, raising an infant also had as many downfalls as there were happy moments. Darla was, of course, human, therefore needing all the care a regular child needed. And sometimes, it was difficult for the Mikaelsons.

"Come on, love, stop crying for Daddy," Klaus sighed, holding a wailing Darla in his arms at three in the morning. "What do you need? Your diaper is clean, you've been fed, and you're obviously not tired, so what is it, Darla? What do you need so daddy can go back to sleep, hmm?"

But Darla just kept crying, and Klaus kept pacing the room with her in his arms, shushing her softly until it hit him. She didn't need to be changed or fed, she needed the one thing that always got her to sleep. She needed his voice.

"Alright, alright, princess, you win," he chuckled lightly, shifting her in his arms so that her head was in the crook of his arm, continuing his patterns of pacing and rocking. "You know how daddy hates it... But I will do it for you, my darling girl. Only you."

So Klaus did the unthinkable. He began to sing to his little Darla Hope. He didn't do it often, nor would he ever admit to doing it, but without fail it helped her get to sleep. And what Klaus said was true. He never enjoyed singing, as he was obviously a painter. But after one night when he saw someone on TV do it for their child, he decided he would give it a go. Because as much as he loved and cherished his precious little girl, she could cry like there was no tomorrow. And sometimes all the hybrid wanted was sleep.

Rebekah and Elijah had attempted to be of help to Klaus when she cried, but their attempts were fruitless. In fact, Darla would just cry even harder when they were the ones that came to her aid. It wasn't that she didn't love them, of course she did, but she knew that they weren't her father. And 40% of the time, that's all she wanted. To be held by the man she loved most. And he was always going to be there to hold her. No matter what.

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