Chapter 4

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(Taylor POV)

I Was Dreaming I Was On A Roller Coaster That Never Ended But It Was Fun As Hell Though So I Didn't Mind And The Roller Coaster Had Stops And Each Stop Had Different Desserts... I Was Having A Good Dream Honestly...

I Opened One Eye And Looked At The Clock And It Read 9:14... Then For Some Reason I Felt Skin... I Moved My Hand Over Whatever It Was On I Felt Abs And Man Boobs... Then I Came To Realize I Had My Leg Over Gemini And Head On His Chest And My Hand Hovering Over His Stomach... I Jumped Up Quick Sitting Up Causing Gemini To Look At Me....

"What?" He Said.

"What" I Repeated. "What Are You Doing On The Bed?" I Asked.

"My Grandma Came By Earlier And I Couldn't Let Her See Me On The Couch" He Said.

"Why Didn't You Leave After?" I Asked.

"Cause You Were Using Me As A Human Teddy Bear" He Said.

"Was Not?" I Said.

"How Do You Explain The Position You Woke Up In?" He Asked Me.

"Next Time Give Me A Pillow" I Said Getting Up From The Bed.

"I Tried" He Said.

"Well Try Harder" I Said Going Into The Bathroom.

"It Ain't My Fault You Wanted Me As A Teddy Bear" He Said. "Feeling All On Me And Stuff" I Heard Him Say.

I Couldn't Say Anything Cause I Was Already In The Process Of Brushing My Teeth. After I Was Done Washing My Face And Brushing My Teeth I Walked Out And Had To Have The Last Two Words "Shut Up" I Said.

...Few Hours Later...

We Were All Back Here In This Huge Ass Back Yard. It Was Hot As Hell Out Here To But At Lease I Was Comfortable I Had On Spandex Just Below My Knee And A TShirt And Some Futures Jordan All Black I Looked Like I Was Ready To Run A Marathon.

Gemini's Family Were Having There Annual Family Fun Activities And So Far It Was Pretty Cool Honestly... Now They Was Playing Football Where The Losers Buy The Winners Gifts.

"Let's Go Babe" Rain Said As DJ Caught The Football And Made A Touch Down. Then She Laid Back Down In The Sun For A Tan I Don't Think She Noticed But She Was The Only One Out Here In A Bathing Suit.

Me, Gemini's Aunty, Mom And Grandma Was Just Chilling Watching The Game It Was TD, Gemini, Gio, And Charlie On One Team And Grandpa T, DJ, Dayna, And Chloe On The Other.

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