" family day "

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"Harleigh Grace!" I shouted from the kitchen. "Get out of that flower pot right now!"

She shouted something back at me in her baby talk and kept on sticking her hands in the black dirt. I hurried and put my assistant on hold and went to scoop her up before she could track the dirt onto the white carpet.

Harleigh was 7 months now and busier than ever. I grabbed some wipes from her bag and wiped her hands off. I sat back down on the barstool and placed my assistant, Stephanie, on speaker phone.

"Hiiiiiii!!" Harleigh screeched into the phone.

"Hi Harleigh." Stephanie chuckled. "Alright now Savannah, your schedule is pretty full this month. You've been booked for an interview with The Breakfast Club, you have a photo-shoot with The Fader, and a few more fashion shows."

"None of those are this weekend though right?" I asked, smacking Harleigh's hands away from the phone.

"No, thank God. I know you wanted to do a lot of stuff with Harleigh before you got busy."

"Yeah, Zoey and I are taking her to the pumpkin patch today and then carving them tomorrow." I said to her.

"The media is gonna be all over that." Stephanie chuckled.

The media had been on top of Zoey and I the minute I walked back out of the airport months ago. Travis and I's breakup was the most popular news for weeks. He attempted to slander my name out of anger, but it didn't work. My team was all over the situation and denied all of the false accusations.

As for Zoey, of course rumors of us dating came up. Our relationship in high school even came up a few times. But anytime either one of us was questioned about the status of our relationship, we would just simply say no comment.

Moving back to Atlanta honestly was the best decision I could've ever made for us. Harleigh is such a daddy's girl and it's so cute. I'm closer to my family and have a better support system when it comes to being a parent. Zoey and I co-parent and are really good friends. We rarely argue and if we do, it's about Harleigh.

Stephanie and I finished going over my schedule and then ended our phone call. I carried Harleigh back up the stairs to her bedroom and placed her on the floor. She immediately crawled over to all of her toys and started playing with them. While she chewed on one of her teething toys, I snapped a few pictures of her. While I was watching her play, the doorbell rung. I scooped Harleigh up and put her on my hip, jogging down the stairs to open the door. She squealed loudly seeing it was Zoey.

He walked in and took her from me, kissing all over her face. She giggled and placed her chubby hands on the sides of his face. After showing her some attention, he gave me a quick hug and we went back up to her room. He put Harleigh back on the floor and started playing with her.

"You came over pretty early." I said. "Got bored huh?"

"Yeah." He chuckled. "Swear I be bored when I'm not with y'all."

"She keeps me busy so I have no time to be bored." I pushed a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

"You be acting like my baby is bad or something." He ruffled her curls. "Tell ya momma you ain't bad."

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