Chapter Fifty Six

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"I think I pulled something during meditation." Charlie said holding on his back.

"You can climb trees but slow breathing hurts you?" Anora asked looking over him. "Weak."

"That...whatever that was not meditation, Anora. I never felt more stress in all my life..."

"Coming from a dragon handler. Good grief man, pull yourself together. So he's a nutter, he's not that bad. "

"I'm only teasing." he said flipping her hair. "But I'm not going to anymore meditation sessions with him. I think your smoke theory was right."

"It has to be, who else in their right mind would dress like that? Although, I wonder where he gets them..oooh perhaps he makes his own clothes. Oh, I like him even more now!" she clapped her hands together.

"Merlin help me." Charlie muttered with an eye roll.

"Awww Charles, are you jealous?" she said pinching his cheek.

"Excuse you!"

She went to run, but his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her back into his chest.

"I am not jealous." he said. "But if you're looking at other men, should I give you a reminder as to why you're with me?"

"Oh my." Anora's eyes widened.

Anora was settled in an empty field with the exception of Roscoe with her, taking notes after their training session.

"Roscoe, those rats aren't for you. You had enough." she called to him.

The dragon looked over to see her still writing in her book with her head down. He snorted in her direction and turned his attention back to the bucket of rats.

"Don't do it." she warned.

Anora set her quill down and peered over at Roscoe who tried to stick his head into the bucket to steal a rat and ended up with the bucket stuck on his snout.

"Bravo, you've managed to make yourself look like a complete idiot." Anora laughed.

Suddenly, with a shot of flames, the bucket fired off, hitting a tree hard.

Roscoe turned back to Anora with blood covering him but a look of disappointment in his eyes as he failed to sneak a rat.

"You know if most people saw you right now, they would be running for the hills." she told him. "But I can't help find you adorable. She reached out to the bucket beside her and pulled out one remaining rat.

Roscoe's face perked up, sitting straight up.

"Next time when I say don't do it, it means don't do it." she said before tossing him the rat. The powerful snap of his jaws, reverberated through the field.


Norberta sniffed at the ground to make sure she didn't miss out on the slightest piece of meat thrown from Charlie.

The man glanced down at his hands, and wiped the blood on his pants.

"Good job today, Bertie." he called to the dragon.

Everyday the temperamental dragon seemed to open up a little bit more. She allowed him to walk around her and touch her head and upper body. But she wouldn't hesitate to attack him if he came too close to her tail.

"She's a feisty one isn't she?"

Charlie looked over his shoulder to see Magnus walking over.

Norberta lashed her tail around.

"Uh yes, she is, and I think it would be best to keep your distance. She really hasn't warmed up to anyone."

"Except you."

"Well, even so she doesn't like me on most days."

"A dragon doesn't have to like you, she just has to tolerate you. At least that's the attitude I took to my first wife."

Charlie and Norberta peered at each other through the corner of their eyes.

"Probably why I got married several times after that."

"Are you married now?"

"Married to life, my boy. Married to life."

"Right. That's...nice."

"I've been observing the relationship that you and Anora share with the dragons. Very interesting to say the least."

"Is that so?" Charlie propped himself in between Magnus and Norberta as she seemed to be growing irritated with the other man's presence.

"Yes, you two have been with both of them since they hatch correct?"

"Uh, no. With Roscoe yes. We were there when he hatched."

"Both of you?"


"Hmm and yet he seems to identify with the female more."

"Anora spent a lot more time with him, hands on. I took notes." Charlie said.

"And this one?" Magnus pointed to Norberta.

"Norberta was a rescue that we flew in, sold on the black market more than likely."

"Ah, and she doesn't care for Anora?"

"No, she doesn't care for anyone except for herself. She isn't one to make friends even with the other dragons. She's started fights with a couple now, including Roscoe."

"Has she attacked you?"

"Well...she's giving me a few warnings here and there, but not a full attack."

"I'm curious as to how far she will allow you to bond with her."

"You and me both."

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