Cloud 9

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This is a request from: Smosherluv13
I hope you enjoy!

A few days earlier

"You may kiss the bride" the priest said as Mark and I kissed our way into married life. I shed a tear as we released. I knew Mark was the man I've wanted to be with forever since day 1

Here we are, on a plane to Rome. I couldn't wait to see the beauty of the coliseum, the art, the view, pretty much the everything. And I'd be there with Mark. I looked at him, and smiled.
"Another hour and we'll be in paradise. I hope you enjoy the beautiful hotel I picked out." He said with a hopeful grin. A 17 hour flight would be worth our adventure together, and I just couldn't wait.

-2 hours later-
Our ride drove up to a beautiful, I mean OUTRAGEOUSLY beautiful, hotel. I squealed like a little kid at how pretty it was. It had an amazing garden, and I couldn't wait to spend the nights down there, looking at the stars with my Markimoo. Mark took the luggage, and we went to the front desk. (Now I'm going to go to myself here..)
"Ciao!" I started. I was half Italian, and learned how to speak off my father. I asked for our room key, and we went up to our room. Mark brought everything up then collapsed on the bed. I started jumping around. It was too late at night to be so ecstatic, but I was so happy. Mark watched me, and enjoyed every minute of my happiness.
"I can tell you love it here." He said with a admire.
"It reminds me of my childhood. I've never been to Italy, but it reminds me of my aunts and uncles talking in Italian. It would sound like aliens, being the kid who never learned." I said, starting to laugh. I started running around the surprisingly big room, looking at every single part.
"Gosh you sound like a little kid. You're so adorable, (y/n)." I kept looking around.
"One question."
"Yeah?" I responded, paying just best attention.
"Would that make me a pedophile?" He asked, looking somewhat serious.
"Huh? Why would it?"
"For doing this" Mark said quickly, before he pushed me to a wall. He slammed his lips against mine, and sucked away. I was frightened at first, but I loved it. He pulled away, picked me up, and put me on a dresser drawer. Mark took his shirt off and continued kissing me. I hopped off, and took off his belt. He unbuttoned my shirt, then unhooked my bra. He took a quick glance outside, but he curtains were in the way, even better. I got distracted, and he started on my pants. He put me on the bed, and came on me, with a grind and bend in his back. He sucked above my chest. I knew we were in public, and moaning wouldn't be the best. I grasped on to his shirtless back. I heard a growl in his voice. I bit my lip and kept tilting my head back the more I wanted to moan. I let out a soft whimper. I had lost my virginity to him, and that was the last time we had sex. I was scared for what was going to happen. I slowly got my fingers in the hem of his pants, and slowly pulled them down.
"God you're fucking sexy." he said. He growled. Mark pulled down my panties, and I gasped. I was ready for him. I rubbed him through his boxers as he kissed me, and then he kicked them off. He pushed my legs up, and slowly got inside of me. It was like running the mile at school. The long wait until something going to happen, then you finish. But the finish there is a start here.
"Try not to moan, darling. I know it's going to bed hard, but I'll stop if you have to." He said before he started. I nodded, then braced myself for the first thrust. I crunched my teeth together, and he thrusted in. I whined out. If I couldn't moan, is have to find another way to release the sensation. I wouldn't make him stop because I couldn't be quiet. He thrusted in, and with little reaction, he sped up, he push his hands on my hips, and thrusted harder. I grasped into his back, and dug my nails into him. He let out a soft moan, and growled after. He started in harder, and I couldn't stop whimpering. The feeling was unbearably amazing.
"Gawd Mark" I tried quietly whimpering. He kissed me, then started to bite on my lip.
"Hush darling" he said in a dark tone, then grinded faster. I let out a loud whimper, causing him to speed up. I kept whining and whining. The faster he got, the harder I had to hold in the screams. I covered my mouth with my hand. It somehow angled us, making a better entrance. He sped up fastest he could. Sweat trickled down his forehead. Looking at his sweaty muscles could have given me an orgasm, but no. It was the angle that did. I don't know why, but I couldn't hold in. I screamed my Fucking brains out. He smirked, and pushed his hardest. He pulled out, and let go all over my stomach. I gasped as he did, then panted. Mark flopped down next to me.
"I love you baby." He said as he kissed my cheek. Still half panting, I responded:
"I love you too Markimoo." He smiled. I cuddled into him and feel asleep. I don't know if our first night here could have gone any better.
I hope you enjoyed! I also hope I didn't disappoint you.

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