Chapter 6

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"Guardian Belikov," Alberta turned to me " you have my permission to escort Miss Hathaway to get her cleaned up and you may also inform her of what I mean as well."

After she finished I started to walk towards the exit knowing Rose would follow. Once we were out of earshot she asked, 

"What did she mean?" Rose Asked

"Well, Rose since you have had so much real world experience and not to mention all of your kills the guardians decided that the normal trials would be too easy for you." I finished knowing she was going to get mad. I had my guardian mask up hoping she couldn't read me.

"What do you mean by that Dimitri," she said trying to keep her composer.

"Well, they decided to change the course to make it harder for you as well as instead of only being attacked by one or two guardians at a time you were being attacked by 7 or 8 at a time. And for your last test instead of you needing to just evade and maneuver away from the guardians as you already now you were chased and cornered by 25 guardians. Honestly, we weren't sure how you would pull off taking down all of us without backup. But only Rose Hathaway could prove us wrong." By the end of it I was slightly amused of course only my Roza could single handily take out 25 fully trained and experienced guardians without breaking a sweat.

"Are you serious," She lost any and all self-control she had left. I knew that the darkness started to take over her like it did before the Strigoi attack on the school a while back ago. "What the HELL were they thinking giving me a test that they didn't even know how to get through. That was no fair all the trails are supposed to be the same. What the HELL!!!" she said yelling. God, she was pissed. This was not going to end well if I didn't calm her down. I refuse to let the darkness overtake her, I will not lose my Roza, I can't lose my Roza.

"Roza, you need to calm down what did you expect from them. You are already superior to them-- to all of us and taking the normal trials would have been too easy for you and clearly this trail was almost too easy for you anyway. So please Roza try to understand why we did this." I could tell he was desperate for my forgiveness but I was just too mad right now to care. I know I was overreacting but I really didn't care.

"Wait you were in on this too, are you kidding me, what in the hell Dimitri, what were you thinking, oh wait you weren't thinking. Oh My God Dimitri." By the time she finished she took off running god knows where. And I was to shocked to go after her. 

Instead, I pulled out my phone and called Alberta."Alberta, it's happening again. The darkness took over Rose. I need your help." I know I sounded more concerned than what a mentor should be but I didn't care. If being able to help get my Roza back meant blowing our cover then so be it.

"Okay, where is she?" She sounding like a worried mother

"I don't know she ran off before I could restrain her. We need to find her before something bad happens or before the darkness completely consumes her and we can't get her back. Please, Petrov." I said sounding desperate

"Okay, I'll call Janine to help us find her in the mean time you need to start looking for her. I'll get Alto to take over for me so I can come and help. We will find her and bring her back Belikov I promise." In that moment, I knew that she knew about Rose and me.

"You know don't you?" I asked scared of her answer and how she will react.

"Yes I do, I have for a while and we can talk about that later, but right now you need to start looking for her and I need to inform Janine, so go; find her."

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