Chapter 8

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Em was secretly excited. She'd never even gone close to winter sports before, due to her parents' protectiveness.

Next week, when her parents left for a conference in Germany, she would be free for a day of cold fun with Tammy, her best friend.

Being friends with Tammy meant random outings, or adventures, she said.

Once, Tammy texted her at 4am, for an adventure.

It resulted in the two of them running to the 24/7 supermarket down the road, at frickin 5 in the morning.

The colours that Tammy brought into her life were often yellow and red, a little orange in between. The colours of eccentricity, and occasionally the comfort of friendship she brought to her.

Her phone buzzed, but it was the Yuzu text tone.

Her eyes quickly scanned the message, and she rolled her eyes, laughing to herself.

Yuzu: hey, I just realized

Your name is Emerson Tia Cole right?

ETC oh my god wow

Yuzuru sometimes texted her absolutely random stuff, but they always made her laugh.
Today, it was a Saturday, and she was supposed to meet Tam outside the rink at 1pm.

The rink, where she would spend the next two hours of her life falling her bloody arse off.

Em: I'm here already, goldfish.

Ten minutes later, no reply.

She figured that waiting outside, exposed the the harsh wind was not an option, so she left another message for Tam.

Em: I'm going in first, see you later, don't be too late, okay?

The rink was rather empty, save for two super good skaters in the center, spinning so quickly that their brains would probably explode.

Now...the rental boots, she mumbled to herself, looking for the counter.


Yuzuru was not supposed to skate today.

He had a day off from Brian, who told him to go back and rest well.

Rest well, my arse. Asians didn't have off days.

He decided to come back and work on his step sequence, as well as refresh the new exhibition programme.

And he'd forced Nam into it too.

Extra practice makes perfect, he told Nam, through the phone.

"You don't need extra practice, you're already perfect, Mr Olympic Champion," Nam complained. He treasured his lazy Saturdays.

"Then we need to get more gold medals! C'mon Nam," he pestered. He really didn't want to train alone.

And he agreed.

That day, they started practice for an hour, mostly laughing and slacking off, playing some games like quad battles and butt spins.

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