Reward with Deserts

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In this story, it's legal to have a neko slave that's a minor.



DONT read if you can't handle hardcore yaoi~~~~shotacon, shota, boyxman, boyxboy.


Rodrick's POV

"Now you use this for pleasure. It's your reward."

"Oh! It vibrates! What is it?"

"Lets just say you'll get nice and hard. Bend over on the bed."

For his reward, I took a vibrator from the box where the costumes were for him. I'm still in my towel and he's all dried off, bending over on my bed with his ass up. It was the sexiest thing ever.

"It might hurt at first, so brace yourself..."

I stuck in the tip of the vibrating toy inside him, slowly bringing more and more of it inside. He cried the entire time I was doing so and it broke my heart slightly.

"It gets better, I promise."

I let the vibrator go as it was deep inside him and made sure it would hit his-

"Aahh! Master that feels soo good!"

I laughed darkly and got the wireless remote that controlled the vibrator settings. I turned the knob on the 4 setting.(it goes to 6)

"AAHH! Ohh god!", he screeched, moving his ass around in the air on his tippy toes, still bent over the bed.

"Stand up straight."

His body shook with pleasure as he did as told and turned towards me.

It was a beautiful sight. He was panting and trembling and I saw his penis quivering.

"Good boy."

I reach around him and knead his ass.


"You're such a good neko.."

I separated from the trembling boy and picked up a pink frilly apron and walked over to him.

"Look, you'll look cute aaalll day.", I smiled. Hah, I'm so pervy.

I put the apron on him and tied it around his back, causing him to moan at our closeness.

I stepped back and admired the sight.

"Now, I have a bit of a sweet tooth...go make me some cake,will you dear?"

"Aahh, y-yeess maAsterr!"

He wobbled slightly to the door and I grabbed the remote, turning the knob to 5.


Before he even made it to the door, he fell to his knees and his tail moved to his front, curling around his dick.

He shuddered and fell onto the floor on his back, pumping himself with his tail. He was a moaning, squirming, panting mess. It was fun to watch. I grabbed the remote and turned the knob to the highest setting.


He came all over his apron, streams of cum from his quivering cock.

Am I turning off the vibrator? Hell no.

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