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(Where is my jacket...?) I thought to myself . I was going sightseeing , finding out any nearby markets or parks , schools or restaurants.

" Eomma!! " I yelled, " Do you know where my Jacket is ?!? " I called from my room upstairs .

" Ne. It's downstairs " She replied calmly , continuing to make breakfast using all the things she bought at the market yesterday.

I dashed downstairs and started looking for my jacket. (Where the hell is it) I thought pacing around . I noticed a small splash of grey and I walked towards the pile of stuff in the corner .


" ARASSEO ! " She yelled.

So then as I left the house, I skimmed around for a little and then started walking . I went past a little cosmetic shop , Etude house . (Nice one Eomma, Nice.) She had to pick somewhere near cosmetics . Typical Eomma . I kept on walking and to what it seemed like five minutes, I had strayed really far from the house .

Walking past the sidewalk , I was wandering into green grass and large tall trees . The trees seemed like oak and a few redwood , grass and small roots popping out like no tomorrow . I stumbled among a dirt path and I followed it, making sure I knew what I was doing . Then, it disappeared, the dirt path was gone. And now here I was wandering through a forest, but I don't really care.

I carefully avoided by poison hemlock and thorn bushes, I did everything I usually do here carefully. And the only reason for that is because I'm not familiar with the area.

I saw a boy, roughly around my age maybe older...he was writing something, pursing his lips ever so often as he sat propped up against a big tree. His dimples we're slightly above his lips and I think he has them on his cheeks too, but I didn't look too close . I didn't want to bother him so I tried to walk past him. I looked down suddenly and afraid once I saw my foot crunch down loudly on leaves. (Fuck) I stood there quietly hoping he hadn't seen me.

No one spoke.

No one moved.


I slowly moved, trying so hard to avoid the leaves and avoid making the mistake I made just now. I heard a movement and I turned around to find the boy standing right behind me, I jumped.

"oh mY GOD WHY " I shrieked.

He didn't say anything just covered my mouth with his hand. My eyes widened as I felt him grab my body and lay me onto the leaves and slightly under the bush.

"What are y-" I started but he shushed me.

He covered my mouth with his hand and I laid there quietly waiting for his approval to get up. After a while he had finally let go of me and I slowly sat up, watching him look at me with a dull expression on his face.

"You're not going to kill me, are you?" I said.

".....No of course not" He spoke his voice seemed deeper than mine, but it doesn't matter, he's just a guy.

"Why did you do that?" I asked curiously pursing my lips, thinking.

"I didn't want my parents to find me." And with that, he walked away.

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