3- Something In The Water

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Scott's POV

I roll over in my bed and look at my alarm clock. I groan when I realize it's time for me to get up for school. I sit up in my bed and look over at Isaac. He's still sleeping on his bed, cocooned in his blankets.

I quietly get up and walk over to his bed. Isaac is snoring lightly and I smirk to myself.

Like I always do on Mondays, I jump on him and start to tickle his sides. He's not usually wrapped up in blankets but I can manage. Isaac's eyes shoot open and I start to laugh as he squirms underneath me.

"What the fuck Scott," He groans but I tickle him harder, making him chuckle breathlessly. After a while, he begins to whine so I stop.

"Why do you always do this to me?" He asks, rubbing the tears from his eyes. I grin and shrug.

"It wakes you up, doesn't it?" I reply. I get off of him and start digging through my drawers for fresh clothes.

"So does a simple 'Isaac get up'!" Isaac huffs and covers his face with a pillow. I laugh at him and start to take off my shirt.

"What's the fun in that, though?" I question and Isaac flips me off.

"I hate you," I hear him say through the pillow. I grab one of my pillows and chuck it at him.

"Just get your ass up," I tell him. I grab my clothes and head for the shower.


Once I'm done with my shower and am fully clothed, I exit the bathroom. Stiles comes out of his room and I pat him on the shoulder. He does it back before going into the bathroom. Stiles seems like a pretty chill dude.

Isaac comes out of our room, finally, already dressed and ready to go. He's still in a pissy mood from being woken up and I laugh at him. He grumbles and pushes past me. I grab him by the shirt and tug him back.

As if I burned him, he flinches at the contact and his eyes go wide.

Oh shit.

"Isaac–I'm sorry," I apologize.

I really shouldn't have grabbed him like that. I pulled him harder than necessary. It triggered a memory from his childhood, no doubt about it.

He closes his eyes and then reopens them after a few seconds. He forces a smile. "It's fine."

"Don't," I murmur.

"Don't what?"

"Don't act like it's nothing, Isaac."

He shakes his head, looks at the ground, and walks away. God damn it.


Lydia's POV

"I'm leaving in five!" I yell as I walk down the hallway. Today was my turn to carpool.

I jog down the stairs and enter the kitchen. Melissa has toasted bagels on a dish on the table already to go. I smile at her and take one.

Stiles enters the kitchen and I pass him one. He thanks me before taking a bite. I smile and nod.

Scott and Isaac file in. Both of them have weird expressions on their faces. I arch a brow at Scott and he shrugs me off. I look at Isaac who doesn't look me in the eye. Feeling as if I stepped into a war zone, I grab Stiles wrist and tug him with me to the car.

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