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You've decided to write again today because you need to get something off your chest. Have you ever wanted to avoid something completely, or have you ever tried to get out of something that was simply inevitable? That's what's happening right now. You're currently writing, aka procrastinating to get ready to go over to your mother, Becky's house for dinner. See dinner at moms house isn't just dinner, it's a speech that is brought up every time you come over about how you should be out with friends, living life, getting married, having children. "I'm not getting any younger you know?" She would say. "I need grandchildren from at least one of my daughters!" In the beginning it was funny, because you and your sister knew that she was joking. But now it was overkill. So that's why you're writing. You're trying to see all of the positive aspects of this dinner. Maybe you can help me with that one day. See the positive in the negative. Anyway, thanks for listening.


Nicole saved the letter and closed her laptop thinking about how much fun the dinner was going to be. She put on her jacket and slid into her flats. Think positive. Her mother's house was a short walk from Rachel's home and on this walk she took time to think.


The taxi ride was going fine. In fact it was going to be perfect. She would be home just in time for dinner, something that rarely ever happened. And unfortunately wouldn't happen tonight. "Take me to 143 Hampton Drive."

While checking her Facebook notifications and recent emails, Nicole realized that she hadn't looked up once. Nor had she made any contact with the taxi driver besides telling him her destination.

"I'm sorry," She apologized. "You must think I'm so rude." She laughed softly.

Nicole liked making conversation with cab drivers. They were where most stories were the most interesting. They experienced all sorts of walks of life coming in and out of their cars all day long.

After not getting a response she shrugged and went back to her phone. Suddenly she realized something was off. Something wasn't right, she could feel it in the pit of her stomach.

"Sir?" She asked scooting up to see the driver in the front seat. After making eye contact with the man, she gasped.

His eyeballs were dark and he looked groggy as if he was drunk. His fingers barely touched the stirring wheel and foot was firmly planted on the gas.

"Sir? Hello? Can you hear me?" She panicked. What should I do? She thought. Call 911. Call the police. Nothing was coming to mind as she watched her life flash before her eyes, the life that she almost lost, and the life that she may never get back.


"Nicki!" Her mother cried once she opened the door.

"Hi mom." She smiled shortly.

"Come in, come in. Your sister isn't even here yet."

Nicole was stunned. She could count all the times she came before Rachel to an important event on one hand, meaning it rarely happened.

"Well is Rach okay? Should I call her?" Nicole asked quickly.

She saw her mom smile out of the corner of her eye and she couldn't help but wonder what that was about.

"Mom? Why are you smiling?" She questioned.

Her mom looked offended and placed her hand on her chest like she had just been shot. "I can't smile at my daughters remarks?"

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