The Alpha Female

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''Ugh!'' I yelled to myself after trying to shift yet again. I knew that I was getting close to being able to change but the wait was actually making me go crazy.

As the future Alpha female of my pack I should have shifted by now, before all of my friends and yet here I stood, the full moon lighting up my face still in my human form whilst I could hear the distant sounds of the rest of the pack howling as they enjoyed their monthly run under the full moon.

''What's up L?'' I heard my friend Nate ask me, I'd heard him coming and was fully aware of his presence, I'd just hoped that he'd leave me alone to wallow in my own pathetic self-pity.

He knew how bitchy I could get about this; it was a very touchy subject for me so I didn't turn to him, ''Why haven't you shifted with the others?''

''I wanted to see how you were.'' He told me. I felt him beside me, his body shook with need. The need to change and he was holding back to see if I was ok.

I looked down at my body in disgust for failing me, ''I'm pissed; now you know. Go and change.''

He took my hand and squeezed although it was sloppy because he was shaking so hard. ''Babe it's going to happen soon, you just have to wait.'' he assured me.

I just groaned loudly and sat down on the wet grass, not much caring if I got a wet butt. I was tired of hearing that from my parents, my teachers, my friends, even my pet fish looked at me in pity whenever I went to feed it.

''I want it to fucking happen now!'' my temper shortening, it was only made worse by the whole 'Not being able to shift' thing.

He sank down beside me and said gently, ''I know you do babe, we all want that to happen too.'' I leant my head on his shaking shoulder for a moment, attempting to draw on some of his positivity.

"Thanks Nate, now go and change before you explode.''

He smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead, ''I'll see you in the morning.''

He then stood up and I watched with envy as he transformed into a beautiful golden brown wolf, he turned his big wolf head and gave me a sharp toothed grin before trotting away.

There seemed like nothing else I could do other than to go home and wallow.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of light panting in my ear, I cracked a green eye open to see Nate sat by my bed, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

He licked my ear with his wet, rough tongue to wake me up fully and I squirmed at the sloppy feeling before swatting him away, grumbling, ''Go away.'' at him.

He growled softly and licked me again so I opened up my eyes fully with a huge sigh then I sat up in bed and ran my hand through the fluffy, long fur on top of his head.

''What do you want Nate?''

Of course he didn't answer, he just got to his feet and strolled out of my room, I decided to follow and I ended up in my parents' study. My dad stood up and nodded at Nate, ''Thank you Nathaniel, you can go and change back now.''

Nate rubbed his head on my leg then he left. I looked at my parents, knowing that this was going to be a serious talk if they'd sent Nate to wake me.

''What was so important that I had to be woken up early?''

Dad shook his head, already sensing my bad mood and came to kiss my forehead, ''Luna it's almost eleven, it's not early.''

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