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Hello my name Trinity Sledge I am 14 years old and I am the oldest girl in my adoption center.To let you know more about me I will tell you my favorite things and my hobbies let's start with my favorite color :green My favorite band: bts,got7 My favorite sport volleyball,softball My favorite subject: P.E. And my hobbies are playing: volleyball,softball. And learning Korean, and coloring or drawing. (FYI)

Now let me tell you my storyline
When I was born my family did not want me except for my mother because she had never had a child before and she really wanted one so after begging for days my father finally let her keep me but he never really took care of me and very rarely even talked to me. While I was growing up and after I started going to school I never knew it would ever happen but my parents started fighting and one day they had a very heated argument and my mother stormed out of the house and I was left all alone with my father obviously this was not going to end well so I started going into my bedroom but before I got there I heard screaming and crying for help outside. So I looked out of the window and I saw my mother lying in the street and I had told my father and he ran to the window and called 911 and after they had gotten to my house they had asked who was riding in the ambulance with her and my father told them that he was going to ride in the ambulance which left me all alone in my house. A few hours had passed and I had started to worry while my father had not come back to get me to see my mother and a few minutes after thinking about that my father had almost kicked the door down .and then came running my way and started hitting me and he started yelling at me "THIS IS ALL YOUR GOD DAMN FAULT IF YOU HAD NOT BEEN BORN AND IF YOUR MOTHER HAD NOT FUCKING BEGGED ME TO KEEP YOU THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AND WE WOULD HAVE HAD A FUCKING HAPPY ASS LIFE WITHOUT YOU!!!!!" I am just reminding you that I was just 8 years old but I had already known what sex was because my school was not the best out there so I started yelling back at him "WELL MAYBE IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX WITH MOM WELL THEN MAYBE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE HAD ME AND HAD THAT HAPPY LIFE YOU WANTED AND DIDN'T HAVE ME AS A BOTHER IN YOUR LIFE!!!!" Then he started to beat me but I was able to get my phone that my mom had gotten me that was also the emergency phone number because we didn't have a home phone and I had left the house alone. Then I got a call and it was the hospital they had said that my mother had died and I just started to bawl my eyes out on the curb of the Main Street. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up and it was my friend Jeon Jung kook also my neighbor he had followed me he knows about my whole life and he is a few years (6) older then me I was 8 and he was 14 anyways he asked me what happened and I told him that my mother had died and he told me he was so sorry and I told him he was fine. So I went over to his house and borrowed a piece of paper and a pencil to write to my father that mom had died so I put it in the mailbox knocked on the door and ran. Then I called the police and told them that my father was abusing me and told them the address and where I was then and they told me that I would have to live in an adoption center and I was fine with that as long as I wasn't with that stupid ass guy that called himself a fucking father. So then I told Jung kook oppa (who speaks Korean so people looked at me like I was crazy speaking Korean) that I would have to live in an adoption center and he told me that when he grows up he will become famous and adopt me so I was hoping that it will all go as he planned. So the police arrested my "father" and I went back to my place and packed up my stuff and we went to the adoption center known as "Mrs.Sunshines house for abused children" and it has been 5 years and he still hasn't come for me.

It has been 5 years Jungkook oppa 5 years....

So I hope you guys liked it I have been meaning to publish this but I have not have the time to

Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself
안녕하세요 my name is Trinity Sledge I am 13 years old and I have a single parent my mother and my father left when I was about 1 1/2 but luckily my mom doesn't abuse me so that's good😂 anyways I hope that I will be able to produce you guys with a lot of good fanfics so nice to meet you guys please be nice to me 👋🏼(I noticed I was close to 1000 words so I am trying to get it to that. That is my goal for this chapter so I will just talk until 1000 words so when I was talking about her favorite things I didn't want to come up with random things so I put my actual stuff and I am on my schools volleyball and softball team(yay!!) and yes I just put parentheses in parentheses shows how good I am at writing)

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