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Cold sweat beaded on my top lip as my eyes stared back at the large silver ones glaring back at me. I felt the key to the padlock drop out of my sweaty palms and heard my voice as I screamed for Brittany and Jinx to climb.

What I didn't feel-- maybe because of the adrenaline pounding throughout my veins-- were the long black razor-sharp claws of the creature as it went right through my abdomen and out my back. And the blood as it trickled first, then gurgled out

O f m y m o u t h .

It was blurry as my vision began to burn black at the edges. Red and dark spots ate away at my sight as pain erupted from my abdomen.

I heard screams from behind me, but I couldn't do anything but cough as warm thick blood bubbled up my throat.

It burned me.

For some odd reason, the werewolf's claws that embedded itself into my abdomen burned. Like acid.

Choking on the sickly sweet iron taste I fought hard not to pass out. Which I admit was too optimistic. You see, the werewolf had managed to thrust its hand in passed the two sliding doors of the closet and lunged at my fleshy body.

The creatures snarled loudly and yanked it's claws out. And a sickening sound echoed through the room as my body fell with a wet thud.

I groaned, but managed to say to Brittany-- before my stuttering and anxiety slapped some sense into me. "RUN!" I shook as I forced myself to scream.

Brittany stopped running and then shook her head, "Jinx, move you, fat ass!" She yelled at the panicky goth as she struggled to climb the rope. Maybe her skipping Gym class to make herself look badass was finally catching up with her.

A growl rumbled to my right and I looked up from the floor in horror as the monster ripped the door off its hinges and it's jaw dropped open as it let out a hellish howl.

Brittany touched my shoulder and helped me to my feet. Before I could ask her why she stayed back, why she risked her life for someone like me, when she could have made it out by herself, the werewolf took a swipe at both of us.

In five seconds the mahogany shelving that made up the wall crumbled into pieces. Shards of wood flew and erupted everywhere. Without Brittany I'd probably would have been found there in the rubble when the forensics team got here...

Brittany and I hit the floor hard, but she still found it in her to help me up. "Come on!" She pulled me forward, but something kept me back.

"Brittany, wait--"

"WHAT--?!" Brittany's voice was cut off by the werewolf's screams of pain. It struggled to rip it's hand free from the concrete in the wall. And from the dark liquid keeping from the crack, I guessed that it injured itself whilst throwing it's tantrum.

"J-just here m-me out..." My cold lips trembled as I shivered and my tongue grew heavy and stammering.

"Yeah, yeah, sure okay." Brittany hurriedly pushed me to the sunroof. I grunted and whimpered in pain as tears slipped from my eyes, but as we stepped into the square if moonlight shining from above my vision cleared up enough for me to see the rope. My mind buzzed strangely.

"Y-you go... first..." I stuttered. Brittany wanted to argue, but I could see the fear gleaming in her blue eyes. She took the rope from my pale hands and began climbing as quickly as possible.

When she was close to the top I began to climb, but a sad chuckle left my lips when I realised how much blood I lost-- and that the sound if the wall next to me crumbling and collapsing meant only one thing.

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