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Hello and welcome! I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce The Juniper Files and explain the philosophy and inspiration behind it.

When I first started blogging over five years ago, I focused on the challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Over time, my blogging style evolved and my creative writing took center stage. However, special needs parenting has always been an important topic to me. The more we talk about raising children with special needs, with mental illness, the more we help to alleviate the stigmas attached.

I am the parent of a beautiful, difficult, smart, smart-mouthed teen girl who is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, High Functioning Autism, and ADHD. Our journey has been a long one, with many ups and downs. You name it and we have been through it. Knowing that we were not alone was one of the most helpful aspects of this journey. When I was able to connect with other parents and my daughter was able to see the stories and experiences of other kids it was like a wonderful light shining through our darkest days.

So, it was with this in mind that I allotted my Tuesdays to pieces where I share resources, rants, anecdotes, and tears. I have continued this Bipolar Tuesday routine on many sites, it follows me wherever I go, almost like a virtual security blanket.

Raising kids is hard. Raises kids with challenges is a whole different ballgame.

I find the special needs community to be an intricate part of this journey.

During the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing many stories and touching on different topics such as symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, experiences at the doctor's office and how this affects family dynamics. Many of these stories will range from fact to fiction. I want to protect the privacy of those I have encountered so they will all revolve around a fictional child, Juniper.

If you are raising or loving a child with bipolar disorder (or any other mental illness) please join me here each Tuesday. I will share these stories and invite you to share yours as well. If you would like your stories shared under the anonymity of "Juniper" you can email them to If you are interested in joining a forum discussion or would like to participate in my parent support group, please let me know. You can contact me via message, just be sure to include "The Juniper Files" in the subject line.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!

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