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"Dad, I'm home!"
I close the door and leave my backpack laying in the hall, like I normally do.
My father is a computer engineer or something (I never really understood because whenever he tries to explain his job to me, I just get more confused about it) and he works at home. I expected him to be home as always but he isn't, so I go straight to the kitchen, instead of stopping by the little room that my dad insists to call "office".
"Dude, can you please be quiet?" Peter asks. Peter is one of my older brothers. He is tall (everyone in my family is) and he has brown wavy hair and green eyes like me. In fact our resemblences had gotten us mistaken by twins a lot of times. "Maya has finally fell asleep and you know that she wakes up really easily. "
Maya is our little sister and the youngest one in the family. While me, Peter  and our other brother, Joe,  all go to highschool (Peter is a senior and Joe is a junior), Maya is only three years old.
"So, how did that oral presentation go?" Peter asks.
"Fine, I guess. It was obviously not excellent, not even close, but honestly it wasn't that bad. " I hate to speak in front of crowds (I always did) and although my twenty-three classmates do not make a crowd, it is still hard for me to not panic or easily colapsing.  "And you? How was your day?"
"Good, actually. I went jogging with Michael and his girlfriend and then we had a vegan lunch."
I know hmy brother too well to fall for that.
"You hated it, didn't you?"
Peter laughs:
"Of course! It was like one of those tortures that they use on spys when they want to know something. God, I missed my cheeseburger and fries! If I was a spy and my enemy asked me for some secret I would have told him right away. " Peter walks towards the fridge and he picks a can of Coca-Cola. "You know, we totally underestimate cheeseburgers and fries. I'm never doing it again. From now on, I swear to protect and defend fast food with my life! No more fast food will be left behind on restaurants tables! It's my duty, I'm now the Fast Food Avenger!"
I almost fall of the chair as I burst into laugh.
"Dude, chill. It's just a cheeseburger, it's not a mission you have to died for."
"But I will if I have to."
I smile, because I suddently remember something important.
"Sooo..." I start with a soft voice, because I really want the answer for the question I'm about to ask. "Have you seen Kate lately?"
Peter rolls his eyes but smiles, like if he knew that I was going to ask that since the beginning of the conversation.
"You can't live without gossip, can you?" he points out. "Yes, I've seen Kate and I've been with her, but we're just friends, remember?"
I smirk.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure that you're going to get out of the "friendzone" soon."
Peter whispers something to himself, hoping that I wouldn't listen, but I do.
"I really hope you're right, Ames. I really do."


So, here's the second chapter. I tried to make it a little bit bigger than the first one. Hope you enjoy it.

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